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JAVIER CHILLON – Die Schneider Krankheit

“The Fifties, a Soviet space shuttle crashes in West Germany. The only passenger, a cosmonaut chimpanzee, spreads a deadly virus all over the country…” This amazing documentary by Überblick Films follows humanity’s struggle to find a cure and survive.

No need to say that Die Schneider Krankheit (The Schneider disease) is actually a mockumentary, and none of the images in the film are archival footage. But I’ll say it, just to be sure…

The short film has been written, produced and directed by Javier Chillon.

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ALEXANDER LEHMANN – Du bist terrorist

Erst kürzlich haben wir herausgefunden, daß in Deutschlandmehr als 82 Millionen versteckte Terroristen wohnen.

Just recently has been found that there are more than 8 billion terrorists hiding in the world. You are one of them.
A satiric campaign ideated and executed by Alexander Lehmann. Narrator: Ernst Walter Siemon. Music: Iambic.
NOTE: Some clips have subtitles in [...]

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Peter Fox – Schwarz Zu Blau

Guten Morgen, Berlin.

Once again we’re reminded that life is stronger than anything else. Or just that graffiti is a beautiful crime. Or both. The choice is yours.
Peter Fox (born Pierre Baigorry; also known as Enuff and Pete Fox) is a German reggae and hip hop musician from Berlin, also member of the band Seeed.
Schwarz Zu [...]

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AXEL RUDOLPH – Knowledge

HD Video available in the underneath links.

A five minute long explanation about the roots of the conflict in the Middle East.
The aim was to create a “virtual TV format that gives current important matters a more visually attractive shape.”
A short movie by Axel Rudolph, his degree project on Media Design at the Ravensburg College.
Voice over: [...]

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Full HD Video available in the underneath links.

The Death as a logistic provider company? Inconceivable! Still, this is what happens when Cedric, the Grim Reaper’s nephew, is left alone by the big boss.
Cedric is a short movie by Jens Kämper, Christian Marschalt and Hendrik Pieta.
Voice actors: Bernhard Hoëcker, Jochen Malmsheimer, Hennes Bender, Eva Danner und [...]

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Sportfreunde Stiller – Antinazi Bund

A skinhead (Holger Dexne) learns to win his fears and appreciate the differences. That’s the power of love.
Sportfreunde Stiller is a German rock band from Germering, near Munich. Members: Peter Brugger, Florian Weber, Rüdiger Linhof.
Antinazi Bund was initially released as a stand alone single, then included in an extended version of their latest album, [...]

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Try Life in Another Language: Neon City

Wo deine Freunde waren, ist es menschenleerSie sind zerstreut über alle LänderIch schreibe dir keine Briefe mehrSie kehrten zurück zum SenderIch höre deine Musik nicht mehrUnd neben mir liegt jetzt irgendwerDie Fotos, die dich zeigten mit mirIrgendwer hat sie für mich zerissen…

“The Fotos are a German band consisting of singer Tom Heßler, bassist Frieder Weiss, [...]

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Hornbach: Haunted

If you see your broken bathroom chasing you in the streets, you may not be crazy, but just a little bit lazy…
The spot has been directed by Carl Erik Rinsch and produced by Lutz Müller at Marken Film, Berlin.
Director of photography: Javier Aguirresarobe. Editor: Pablo Plant.
Visual effects made at Furia, Barcelona. Sound design made [...]

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The Ramp

The Sacred Ramp is a test for our village.A test from Above.

Let’s say you’re a German car manifacturer, and you need to launch your new car on the American market. What do you need? Well, a pair of wings, and a huge ramp!
The Ramp is supposedly a documentary by Jeff Schultz, produced at Bite the [...]

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Are you OK?

We’ll witness the crazy dreams of a sleep walker, suspended between the two worlds.
Halbtraum is the work of Marco Jeuring and Tobias Wüstefeld, done within four months at the FH Münster Fachbereich Design, a German design school.
Sound design: Florian Bodenschatz and Anja Driemecker. Voices: Kai Taschner and Oliver Rohrbeck.
Assisteremo ai folli sogni di [...]

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MURENA – Export Tripoli

This clip takes the silhouette effect, delivered world wide by the iPod campaigns, and gives it a whole new twist.
The story sees a music thief stealing a sheet and running away on a giant hand! Chased by the musician, the thief will lose all the melody, one note after another.
Murena, as you can tell by [...]

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Sarah is searching for Mr. Right, but she’s also a busy woman. She use to spent her free time with Rick 1.0, an advanced chatterbot (a digital gigolo?) but one day, an handsome stranger call on her holophone…
iRomance is a revival of the 1970’s science fiction cinema: make up, costumes and even the orchestra-like score [...]

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ANDREAS GASCHKA – Zeitsprung Timetravels

Wir bringen Sie weiter!

This is a (fictional) advertisement clip for time travel company in the time of Jules Verne.
Nice piece of motion graphics created by Andreas Gaschka, a student of German school FH Mainz. Some animation provided by his professor Edgar Brück.
Music and audio by Kristen & Schmidt. Voice over provided by Frank Nachtigall.
Uno spot [...]

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