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Happy Holidays 2008

It wasn’t by chance I updated the Happy Holidays 2005 post this morning. The old short has been replaced with this new one.
I think that being superstitious brings bad luck, but these collection of good luck symbols is a beauty.
The short has been animated by Adam Gault, based on illustrations by Stefanie Augustine.
Non a caso [...]

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SUN LIMET – Magik Circus

Ladies and gentlemen…

Sometimes, the genie in a magic lamp had to go one step further to fulfill his master’s desire of working in a circus.
A delightful short movie, realized by Sun Limet at Planktoon. Music and sound by Jean-Christophe Bork and David Chochoi.
Animation by: Fabrice Senia, Pierre Collet, Sy-Pheng Li and Alexandre Henri. Lighting: Elliot [...]

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ANDY POWER – The Painter

A long-abandoned robot lives in a dusty basement spending his time drawing scenes of exotic locations on the walls. One day he kicks an old oil can; a genie appears and grants him three wishes.
Directed by Andy Power, The Painter was a collaboration between 422 South and the HP Laboratories, using Frame Factory, an experimental [...]

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