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Freelancers Union: Squeaky Wheels

…bring change

Make your squeaky wheels squeaking and maybe something good will turn out. Or maybe not. Who knows?
A spot directed by Man vs Magnet (AKA Matt Smithson) and produced at Curious Pictures.
Creative directors: Julie Lamb Gaboriau and Phil Gable. Animators: Adam Stockett, Justin Winslow.
Music and Sound Design: Mutant Jukebox. Audio Mix: Big Yellow Duck.
Fa cigolare [...]

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Freelancers Union: Bad Meeting

If we want better teeth,we need a better system.

“A designer’s presentaion for Globocomcorp gets off to an akward start and then goes way, way downhill.”
The spot has been directed by Lifelong Friendship Society. Director of photography: Ryan Luis Beltran.
Creative directors: Phil Gable and Julie Lamb. Sound designer: Bill Chesley at Amber Music. Mixer: Wilson Brown [...]

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