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JC Penney: Aviator

No need to be afraid.

It’s the time to fulfill the ultimate childhood fantasy: visiting Santa at the North Pole.
The spot has been directed by Fredrik Bond and produced at MJZ. Executive producer: Lisa Margulis.
Director of Photography: Alwin Kuchler. Editor: Russell Icke at The Whitehouse.
Sound Design: Judson Crane. Sound mix: Sound Lounge. The song is Real [...]

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Guinness: Fridge Magnet


Ah, the attractive power of beer. No, we’re not talking about beer goggles; neither this is about ornamental refrigerator magnets, but a yet undiscovered force of nature.
The spot has been directed by Fredrik Bond and produced Ran Holst at Sonny London.
Director of Photography: Crille Forsberg. Edited by Tim Thorton-Allan at Marshall Street.
Post production by Scott [...]

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Edge: Wrong Direction

Are you pushing your kids in the wrong direction?

As a bad student and a bad driver who have had bad teachers, I can relate so much with this commercial.
The spot was directed by Fredrik Bond and produced at Sonny London. Creative agency: MCBD.
Post produced at The Mill. Editor was Tim Thornton-Allan at Marshall Street.
Come cattivo [...]

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Brylcreem: Effortless

Effortlessness is born out of great effort.

Some people just look cool, or better, they put a lot of effort into trying looking cool. This guy (Sam Veale) is cool.
The commercial was directed by Fredrik Bond at Sonny London, and written by Oli Beal and Tori Flower at WCRS.
Editor was Tim Thornton-Allan at Marshall Street Editors. [...]

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HP: Il Postino

It’s gone postal…

The postman… Niether snow, nor heat, nor giant robots will keep him from delivering your mail.
Commercial for Hewlett-Packard technology applied to US Postal system, directed by Fredrik Bond at MJZ.
Editor is Hank Corwin at Lost Planet. Visual effects made at Method Studios.
Il postino… Non la neve, nè il calore, nè un robot gigante [...]

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MIller: Dominoes

People starts falling like pieces of the domino, until…
Commercial for Miller, directed by Fredrik Bond for MJZ. Audio mixed by Audio Engine. Visual effects by The Mill.
UPDATE: The song used in the ad is Freedom of Choice, from ’80s band Devo. More info on Duncan’s TV Adland.
UPDATE (02/2008): Editor was Richard Orrick at The White [...]

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