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Nissan Qashqai: Playground

The spot was directed by Daniel Kleinman and produced at Rattling Stick. Post production: Framestore CFC. Creative agency: TBWA. The song is Sempre libera from Giuseppe Verdi’s opera La traviata.

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IAN MACKINNON – Adjustment

Is it possible to change things so graduallythat you can’t see the joins?

“A diarist searches for flickers of hope in a drama of technical and emotional obsession.”
Perhaps the most elaborate cinematic take on flipbooks ever made, Adjustment manages to match incredible technical skills with… well, with a cause!
The short film has been written and directed [...]

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Don’t Disappoint the Stork!

That poor bird risked all its feathers for you, so: what are you doing with your life, uh?
The spot was directed by Daniel Kleinman and produced by Johnnie Frankel at Rattling Stick.
Visual effects and telecine were brilliantly handled at Framestore. Creative agency: BBDO, New York.
Il povero uccello ha rischiato le penne per [...]

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FedEx: Carrier Pigeons

That’s been taking care of.

The bigger is the bird, the heavier is the load it can drop, the more painful is the impact.
The spot has been directed by Tom Kuntz at MJZ. Director of photography: Jeff Cronenweth. Creative agency: BBDO, New York.
Editor: Gavin Cutler at Mackenzie Cutler. Sound engineer: Marc Healy. Visual effects: Framestore CFC.
Più [...]

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Nomis: Damn Boots

The leg bone is connected to the head bone.The head bone is connected to the hip bone.The hip bone is connected to the rip bone.

Are some football boots causing injuries? Nobody knows for certain, but here’s a commercial that has something to say.
The spot was directed by Woof Wan-Bau at Nexus Productions, reminiscent of his [...]

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She Walked Calmly Disappearing Into The Darkness


While a boy lies in a hospital bed, we see glimpse of the shooting where he was injured.
The third installment in Little Minx Exquisite Corpse has been directed by Malik Hassan Sayeed.
It left me with the feeling that it (should have but) coundn’t have ended in a different way. If you know what I mean.
Assistant [...]

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Lux: Neon Girl

For luminous skin sensation.

The story of a modern Cinderella is told is told with the most complex neon sign you’ll never ever see.
Created by Buenos Aires based agency Santo for the Argentinean market, the 60-second spot was directed by Daniel Kleinman for Rattling Stick.
The big gig has been designed and animated by Dale Newton and [...]

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See anyone can do it, all you need is style.

A boy wakes up to find out that something really unusual is going on into his fish tank.
The Chemical Brothers are an electronic music duo from England, comprising Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons. (Source: Wikipedia)
The Salmon Dance is the 7th track on their 2007 studio album [...]

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