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Here is a “short film about a young boy in India chasing after his dream.” The lesson learned here: once you learned the lesson then go and put it into practice.

The short film has been directed and animated by Nicolas Athané, Méryl Franck, Alexis Liddell, Andres Salaff and Maïlys Vallade. Produced at Les Gobelins in Paris as an opening film for the Annecy Film Festival 2008.

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Team William – You Look Familiar

A trigger happy (and less safe for work) music video, inspired to the Max Fleischer era cartoons.

Team William is a Belgian indie pop band. You Look Familiar is the third single off their eponymous debut album.

The music video has been directed by Michélé De Feudis and Joris Bergmans of Nouvelle Cuisine. Additional artists: Lois Van Baarle, Maxim Vandeputtem, Michèle Vanparys, Koen De Koninck.

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FLYING V – Virgile

Virgile is a very shy guy who’s trying to date a charming girl by turning himself into funny and manly characters.

This is the first movie from Flying V, the directing duo comprised of Clément Soulmagnon and Gary Levesque, two classmates from the 2008 Supinfocom promo. Produced at Wizz Design.

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Lucien is a short film by three students of Lisaa: Nathalie Corcessin, Djamel Meslem, Pierre-Julien Vandenburie.

Original music by Sylvain Rety.

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Jesus is Back

Was he bigger than me?

A pilot for an animated series that is very likely to never see the light. No idea about who’s going to hell for this.
Testify the second coming of Jesus, the chance encounter with a former brothel mom and the traumatic discovery of how non self begotten child are made.
Also starring: Santa [...]

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IMPACTIST – Parallelostory

Tutto sarebbe avvenuto da un momento all’altro…

A parallel love story that goes beyond physical limits and dimensions. Italo Calvino would like it.
Images and audio created by Impactist, that is Kelly Meador and Daniel Elwing.
The title of the song is: Cup of Water Crying (Multiverse Edit), from Impactist’s EP, Color Fields & Wagon Wheels.
Storia d’amore “parallela” [...]

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Carpark North – Human

You’re not on the listand you’re in my songs.

A nice blast from the past, as requested by someone in the comments. Can’t track back the exact post, because this Blogspot thing is still missing a comment manager.
Directed by Martin De Thurah. Director of photography: Kasper Tuxen.
Gradito ritorno dal passato, come richiesto da qualcuno nei commenti. [...]

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Danko Jones – King Of Magazines

My heart is on my sleeve.

It’s all fun and games until somebody ends up… No, it’s just all fun and games! So, join Mimi Wobbly and her friends.
Danko Jones is a rock band from Toronto, Canada. Members are: Danko Jones, JC AKA John Calabrese and Dan Cornelius.
King of Magazines is a single taken from their [...]

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Music is: Balloon

But one thing I’m missingis in your eyes.

“Sometimes music can be a barrier. Equally, it can lift us away from the trials and tribulations of the daily grind.”
Directed by Pistachios (Måns Swanberg) and produced at Blacklist. Creative agency: The Brooklyn Brothers.
The song is Eyes by the Rogue Wave.
“A volte la musica è una barriera. Ma [...]

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“A riff on Plato’s Allegory of the Cave and Metaphor of the Sun, from The Republic.”
A short film designed and directed by Jeremiah Dickey. Music: Stephen Thomas Cavit.
Animation: Nouri Zander, Jeremiah Dickey. Background art: Joanna Dickey. Composition: Jeremiah Dickey, Mario Camacho. Art assist: Greta Scheing.
“Corto sul mito della caverna e la metafora del sole di [...]

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The myth of Icarus is reworked in this Flash animated short movie by Michal Socha. Soundtrack: Freedom by the Rage Against the Machine.
Il mito di Icaro viene rielaborato in questo corto animato in Flash di Michal Socha. Colonna sonora: Freedom dei Rage Against the Machine.

© 2007

DOWNLOAD: Scarica Odlot.[Format: Quicktime - Size: 10 MB - Running [...]

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Terminal 11 – The Bird`s Midair Heatstroke

Objectionable contents! Viewer discretion strongly advised.

“A lonely fellow is watching a plane in the sky. Suddenly a cheerful bird attracts his attention, which marks the beginning of a dramatic relationship, bringing us straight to the origin of all creation.”
Terminal 11 is electronic musician Mike Castaneda from Phoenix, Arizona. His music can be found on Cock [...]

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They Might Be Giants – Nine Bowls of Soup

I hope you guys like soup.

Since you liked One Dozen Monkeys, and I liked it too, here’s another music video from the Here Come The 123s podcast.
A curious bird will put to test the nerves of an ichthyosaur who is trying to balance 9 bowls of soup… but then, why?
The video has been directed [...]

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ERIC POWER – The Inventor

A scientist is looking for the key to flight. But he’ll need help in order to reach for the sky.
“This is a reverse music video. The animation was done first then sent to Eric Bohlke who created an amazing song for it.”
Directed and animated by Eric Power of Clear Productions.
Uno scienziato cerca il segreto [...]

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Scala & Kolacny Brothers – Raintears

And in another placeyour kiss would dry my face.Each passing field and treeseparates you from me.Raintears are all I see.

Things would be different if my will to believe was stronger? I doubt it…
Scala is a youth choir in Aarschot, Belgium, roughly sixty teenage girls, conducted by Stijn Kolacny and accompanied by Steven Kolacny on [...]

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