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Goutte d’Or: Trailer

Goutte d’or is a short stop animated film in development, revolving around a pirate looking for booty in the land of the dead. The director is Christophe Peladan and the film is being produced by Søren Fleng at Happy Flyfish.

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ALES MAV – Daphne`s New Broom

“A little witch just bought herself a brand new broom and she can hardly wait to take it for a test drive. Unfortunately not everything goes as planned…”
Daphne’s New Broom is a short animated movie made by Aleš Mav while attending the Animation Mentor online school.
“Una streghetta s’è appena comprata la scopa nuova e non [...]

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JAN KOUNEN – Gisele Kerozene

Three witches in a (post) modern city are worshiping a bird shaped statue, when Gisèle Kérozène come and steal it. The three fellow jump on their brooms and start an hilarious (yet very graphic) chase to the thief.
The director is Jan Kounen (who also plays the guy on the wheelchair), who has later directed several [...]

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