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Mon ami Charly

A little girl gets bored on her own and asks for permission to her mother to meet Charly. The mother refuses but the little girl disobeys.

A short animated film by four students of the ESMA: Julien Duval, Loïc Quesada, Rémy Terreaux, Magda Wydrzynska.

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KINDA – Le musicien

Sometimes you can’t see any good results out of your efforts. But just don’t give up: the worst it can happen, after all, is pissing off your neighbours…
Le musicien is a short movie starring Arnaud Delaube, directed by Kinda’, based on an idea by Olivier Defaye and produced at Aoki Studio. Production management: Makiko [...]

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An Eye for Annai

Annai is a single eyed being. He tries to find a replacement for his missing eye. Finally, he will be rewarded with much more than he was looking for…
Daniel Rodrigues and Jonathan Klassen made An Eye for Annai in their third year in the classical animation program at Sheridan [...]

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