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THE RACONTEURS – Broken Boy Soldier

The boy never gets older

Following her classic, here’s one of the latest efforts from Floria Sigismondi. I was thinking about uploading a better version, but those MTV graphics are annoying.
In the video, a broken tambourine player toy is trying to put his pieces back together, with a little help from the animals in the forest.
My [...]

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MARILYN MANSON – The Beautiful People

If you live with apes man, it’s hard to be clean.

It’s passed almost a month since Floria’s Day, and here I am again, with what is probably the most Floria-esque music video in her production. Colors out of reality, obsessive compulsive cuts, disembodies figures, technology fused with flesh, stop animation, and all the other trademarks [...]

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Eatons: Aubergine

She’s got IT!

The film for Aubergine, the 270 seconds spot for Eaton’s directed by Floria Sigismondi is, “detail to detail, a modern homage to 1950s musicals such as Singing in the Rain or Funny Face.” (Source: ‘boards)
Edited by Michelle Czukar at Panic and Bob.
And this closes Floria’s Day for this blog. But the [...]

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DAVID BOWIE – Little Wonder

Sending me so far away…

Time to move, time to go on with Floria’s day. Here’s one of the clips that, back in the days, made a video addicted out of me. Obviously, at the time, I ignored about the director being Floria Sigismondi. That would came later…
Awesome, cinematic, visionary, scattered, highly disorientating, meta-something, and [...]

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FLORIA SIGISMONDI – Postmortem Bliss

I declare open the Floria’s Day. What’s Floria’s Day? It’s the day when I only post about Floria Sigismondi. Starting with her first (I guess it is) short movie.
In september, Turner Classics and Hermès presented the Behind The Camera: The Shorts Circuit film festival. To highlight the festival, various acclaimed directors have been invited to [...]

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SIGUR ROS – Untitled #1 (Vaka)

So, GUBA claims to provide unlimited bandwidth (yeah…) and hosting of huge files. Let’s give it a try, uh?
In this amazing video directed by Floria Sigismondi, children are playing in the court, frolicking in gasmasks in a post apocalyptic playground covered in black snow.
Sigur Rós are currently: Jónsi Birgisson (vocals and bass guitar), Georg Hólm [...]

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THE CURE – The End of the World

It’s just the end of the end of the world…

Very good stop motion animated video for this song, from the italian director Floria Sigismondi. Produced by Believe Media.
The world surrounding Robert Smith seems to have some stability issues…
The song has been released as a single in June 2004 and it’s included in the album The [...]

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