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The Ballcocks

Hello and welcome.

“It was 1963, the cold war and nuclear threat was brought directly in to the public eye, in the form of an information booklet, advising the Householder on Protection against Nuclear Attack, to tell people how they could survive atomic war.”
The Ballcocks is a twisted (and certainly not animal friendly) short movie by [...]

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Kumita, l`apprentie Sorciere

Well, fart jokes are really not one of my favourite themes, but this one is good!
“Kumita is a charming and mischevious girl of seven, though she undoubtedly is a little more touchy than most kids of her age. And when she does take offense, better not be at the wrong end of her magic wand…”
Kumita, [...]

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RICARDO BIRIBA – Run Dragon, Run!!

A dragon is plundering some fruit for his meal, when a raging mob breaks in to fight. In this cases there’s only one thing to do: RUN!
Run, Dragon, Run!!! was produced by Ricardo Biriba as a Graduation Project for the Master in Animation he took at Academy of Art College, in San Francisco. (Source: [...]

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