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The Pump Energy Food: Eat Crap

There have been posts where I used the crap food tag where it was probably not needed. But this one, well this is it: it’s the junk food manifesto!

The video is a promotional film for The Pump, a restaurant in New York City founded by persons who pursues a passion for healthy food.

The short film has been directed by Dark Igloo. Editor: Adam Epstein. Light Design: Eric Luc. Music: Le Chev.

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“The story of a young boy who, trapped by his surroundings, desperately ventures out into the unknown. The results of his flight are both extraordinary and immutable.”

Moonboy is a beautiful animated short film by Adam Calfee, who’s a part of the More Frames collective of visual artists. Additional animation by: Gus Trauth. Computer graphics: Jordan Held. Music: Reid Wellock. Recording: Adam Lukas and Drew Chiodo.

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Mon ami Charly

A little girl gets bored on her own and asks for permission to her mother to meet Charly. The mother refuses but the little girl disobeys.

A short animated film by four students of the ESMA: Julien Duval, Loïc Quesada, Rémy Terreaux, Magda Wydrzynska.

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The first rule of Fight Club is…

Remember Marla Singer, from Fight Club? The character from Chuck Palahniuk’s novel (or from David Fincher’s movie, if you prefer) is portrayed in this short movie, played by the actress Mélanie Biesemans.
The result is slightly far from the mood of both the book and the movie, but that is [...]

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