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Alpenliebe: Darling

Prepare to be taken to the planet of the apes, in the typical role reversal situation. But the Bollywood way.

Darling (actual title: Role Reversal) is a spot directed by Ram Madhvani and produced by Manoj Shroff at Equinox Films.

This version of the spot is the director’s cut. I’ve posted an alternate edit of the same spot, and on Youtube you’ll find the official version.

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Darling: Alternate Edit

Alternate edit for the director’s cut of the commercial Darling for Alpenliebe directed by Ram Madhvani.

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A Brief History of Pretty Much Everything

A funny flip book animation (not) about the history of the life, the universe and everything, with the compulsory Terry Gilliam reference in the end.

The short is the work of Jamie Bell AKA Displeased Eskimo, and has been quite popular since being posted on Youtube one month ago.

The music is the galop infernal from Jacques Offenbach’s operetta Orpheus in the Underworld, also known as just “the can can”.

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Flipron – Raindrops Keep Falling on the Dead

Honey, it’s not funny…

An old fashioned animation involving dinosaurs, saucy ladies and accordions. Viva la evolución!
Flipron are a band from Glastonbury, UK, consisting of singer and songwriter Jesse Budd, pianist and organist Joe Atkinson, drummer Mike Chitty and bassist Greg Shepheard.
Raindrops Keep Falling on the Dead is a single taken from their 2004 album Fancy [...]

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Saturn: Technik Evolution

The evolution of the steampunk bitch!

The steampunk evolution of steampunk creatures ultimately led to the sexybot. All hail to the sexybot.
The spot has been directed by Carl Erik Rinsch and produced by Tobias Steinhauser at Markenfilm. Executive Producer: Lutz Müller.
Director of photography: Javier Aguirresarobe. Post production: Alex Grau. Character design: Jeff Julian at Big Lazy [...]

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Goldfish – Soundtracks and Comebacks

No matter how much you wanna leave you’re gonna come back!

It just takes headphones with the right music, and our fellow fish gets cool and groovy. Evolution in a box also helps… but maybe not.
Goldfish is Dominic Peters and David Poole, an electronic jazz duo from Cape Town, South Africa.
Soundtracks and Comebacks is featured on [...]

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ERIC TOSSTORFF – (r)Evolution

This is Eric Tosstorff’s 30 seconds film for the Ed-Ward 2008 Short Film Competition. The topic of the contest is Planet Earth.
The film shows the evolution of the Earth, and how we [...]

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Beware the Believers

’cause if you don’t know meyou don’t know Dick!

At the beginning of this week, this clip hit the web, making probably a lot less noise than the people who made and/or posted it (Random Slice?) were expecting…
The video features Darwin’s rotweiller Richard Dawkins rapping about the superiority of his theories, accompanied by P. Z. Myers, [...]

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In the beginnings…

“Imagine the story of creation shown thru the cold lens of Science, and evolution told as a biblical tale. It’s a head-spinningly complex splitscreen experience and demands repeat viewing.” (Source: VFS)
“Duelity is a split screen animation that tells both sides of the story of Earth’s origins in a dizzying and provocative journey through [...]

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Duelity: Evolution

In the beginning…

“If thou shalt believe the Book of Darwin, t’is billion years after the Big Bang that we behold what the cosmos hath begat: the magma, the terra firma, the creeping beasts and the mankind, whose dolorous and chaotic evolution begat the gift of consciousness.”
That’s one story.
“Dal Vangelo secondo Darwin si evince che solo [...]

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Duelity: Creationism

In the beginning…

“According to the records of the General Organization of Development (GOD) it took a mere six days to manufacture a fully operational universe, complete with day, night, flora and fauna, and installing Adam as its manager to oversee daily functions on Earth.”
That’s one story.
“Secondo i registri del Dipartimento di Infinita Onnipotenza (DIO) ci [...]

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Evolution has never been so smooth!
Evolutica is an experimental student project by Wakako Ichinose. Music is 20 Msec. by Ryuichi Sakamoto.
The short is a work in progress. Maybe someday will see new developments, but lots of good stuff is already here for you.
L’evoluzione non è mai stata così patinata!
Evolutica è un progetto sperimentale [...]

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Another Flash movie in the series based on speeches by Alan Watts produced by South Park’s Trey Parker and Matt Stone.
Sorry, I’m really short on time these days.
Altro film in Flash nella serie basata sui discorsi di Alan Watts e prodotta da Trey Parker e Matt Stone di South Park.
Scusate, ma ’sti giorni il tempo [...]

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Frangipani Fumes and Cosmetics

Chris Hawkes sent us the link to this amazing music video, that you may have seen at Resfest last year, for the song by the band Leave Land for Water.
A (not only) visual experience that will make you feel the rush of a fast paced trip thru all of his seven minutes of goodness.
Mixing [...]

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