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Mauvais role

HD Video available below.

I was looking for my post on this short and… well, for some reason I never made one. Well, actually I’m doing one now, so it’s not exactly never. It’s kind of never before now. Uhm, enough with paradoxes.
Marcel is the bad guy in a fantasy video game. Sick of his job, [...]

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Une aventure metallique du far-west

Here’s the story of Charlie, a robot banjo player, travelling in the desert on his twit-twit, will have to deal with a stingy old robot asking for a toll.
Twit-Twit is the work of five students of the ESRA Bretagne school: Benoît Guillou, Cecile Jestin, Jerôme Houlier, Baptiste Lemonnier and Fabien Dumas.
Extra [...]

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De Profundis

Down in an underwater world, a pirate bird (at least, I suppose it’s a bird) try by any means to save his treasure while everything is collapsing around him. Will he succeed?
The movie is the work of a team of student of the ESRA Sup’Infograph: Francois Coulon, Christophe Delisle, Léon Berelle (who also worked on [...]

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