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Dans la tête

Dans la tête (Inside the head) is a short animated film by four students of the ESMA: Gregory Damour, Maxime Entringer, Anthony Gilles and Allan Sellier.

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Mon ami Charly

A little girl gets bored on her own and asks for permission to her mother to meet Charly. The mother refuses but the little girl disobeys.

A short animated film by four students of the ESMA: Julien Duval, Loïc Quesada, Rémy Terreaux, Magda Wydrzynska.

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While presented with a movie I previously posted (can’t remember which one now), a user of a forum expressed his dislike for “trivial” metaphors.
Instead, I think that movies based on simple (even childish) metaphors might have as much to say as any other movie, as long as they are good movies. And they can reach [...]

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Le programme du jour


I wanted to post another movie, but I only have a few minutes to spend and this one is already online, so here it comes…
Set in a dystopian future, where a life booth tell you everything you need to know, even when to scratch your ass, we follow B42-347 while he’s attending a Gollum-esque meeting [...]

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Le nouveau

Christian is the new guy. Eugene, the old one, should train the novice and teach him the job. But, actually, he’s trying to kill him!
The short movie is the work of a team of students of the ESMA: Fanny Dagoumel, Axel Graux, Antony Lacordaire, Gaelle Lefebure.
Christian è quello nuovo. Eugene, il titolare, dovrebbe addestrare [...]

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e guardandomi allo specchioad un tratto sparissi…

A drama is about to consume in a post apocalyptic world. As if the apocalypse itself wasn’t enough yet…
Replay is a short movie by three students of the French school ESMA: Zakaria Boumediane, Anthony Voisin and Fabien Felicite-Zulma. Four, with Camille Delmeule.
Original music: Miguel Randrianasolo. Character design and storyboards: [...]

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Jungle Jail

What starts like the story of a newcomer in jail, soon gets more and more surreal…
Jungle Jail is the work of four students of the ESMA: Mathieu Arnoux, Hugo Cierzniak, Bruce Nguyen Van Lan and Aymeric Palermo.
Sound design by José Vicente at Studio Des Aviateurs, where all of the song in the sound track [...]

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There was a time when the sky was too low, so low that all men suffered headache.
At least, that is the story told by an old Native to the kids, in this short movie by four students of the ESMA: Mathieu Navarro, Francois Pommiez, Sylvain Nouveau, Aurore Turbe.
Oh, I almost forgot. The movie is amazing!
Ci [...]

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