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Fictionist – Blue Eyed Universe

A team of explorers embark on a mission in deep space, travelling through areas no man has been before. The music video is the work of director and animator Eric Power at Clear Productions.

The Fictionist is a band from Salt Lake City, USA. Blue Eyed Universe is a song from their second album, entitled Lasting Echo.

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The Lovely Sparrows – Take Care

The Lovely Sparrows is an indie rock band currently on Abandoned Love Records and founded by Shawn Jones. Take Care is a cover of a song by Big Star recorded in a pause during the sessions for their upcoming new album.

The music video has been directed and animated by Eric Power at Clear Productions.

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Marquis of Vaudeville – Bright Star Hope

You’re breaking the ruleYou’re playin’ the fool


“Two young people are enjoying a nice day at the park when all of a sudden darkness comes”, uninvited. A bright star will lead their way to safety.
Marquise of Vaudeville (formerly known as Wonderfool) is: Toby Lawhon, Bryan Geddie, Sean Curtis, Tyrel North and Phil Helms.
The music video has [...]

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The Pandas – Belly of the Whale

Il triangolo no, non l’avevo considerato…


And here’s the reason for “every endangered panda that wouldn’t screw to save its species and every whale or dolphin that gave up and ran itself aground”.
Not really. I’m just reading Pigmy right now and felt like quoting Palahniuk.
The Pandas are an instrumental band out of Worcester, Massachusetts, and comprised [...]

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Ranger 3 – Sense of Direction

I just don’t know why.

Little clay woodland animals must deal with snakes and other perils, but all’s good what comes in good claymation…
Ranger 3 is Ronan Burke and Jim Perkins AKA two thirds of Bigo & Twigetti.
Sense of direction is the second single taken from their debut album, entitled Old Simplicity and released on December [...]

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Soaring Soofy

Where is Soofy?

It’s a bird… It’s an airplane… It’s a robot… Or perhaps… a hot air balloon… No! It’s Soofy!
The Soofy Travel Project is a worldwide mailing project, conceived by Karen Abad, that will encourage proactive creativity in photography, filmmaking, and arts and crafts while connecting with people around the world. And with Soofy.
The short [...]

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Jeff Moore – Only a Miner

Your mining’s all over, poor miner, farewell.

A coal miner struggles to make a better life for his family. Now available in charcoal!
Jeff Moore is a Irish folk musician from Austin, Texas. Only a Miner is featured on his album The Dove’s Perch.
The song is a cover of Prince Among Men, written and performed by [...]

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Whiskey Business – Whiskey Jesus

Lord Jesus Christ was pissed!

A couple of drunkards find themselves in the desert in the company of someone quite popular son of God who’s angry at them. Old Testament chaos ensues.
Clyde and Clem’s Whiskey Business is the bluegrass duo of Clyde Clowe and Clem Cowan, joined by some friend of them.
The music video has been [...]

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Ragapella – Microhyzae

“This is the story of Shiva and the Hunter. The Hunter went out to the forest one day in search of game when a tiger suddenly forced him up a tree.
“In order to stay awake he plucked the leaves from the tree which, by chance, pleased Shiva who was fond of that particular leaf.
“The [...]

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The Boxing Lesson – Dark Side of the Moog

HD Video available in the underneath links. (Warmly recommended)

Three astronauts visit a savage planet where they face several ravenous creatures. But who’s the monster in the end?
The Boxing Lesson is psychedelic rock band from Austin, Texas, comprised of Jake Mitchell, Jaylinn Davidson and Jake Mitchell.
Dark Side of the Moog is a single off their full [...]

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The Ballad of Lettice Finding and Oscar Cutlet

HD Video available in the underneath links

The ill fated (damn fate, is always ill) story of two lovers, “wine, guns and repercussions.”
The band is called Huxley Vertical Cabaret Nouveau and is led by Seth Bedford.
The Ballad of Lettice Finding and Oscar Cutlet is featured an their debut full length album, eponymous like all debut albums.
The [...]

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The Lovely Sparrows – Year Of The Dog

Was i the dog you wish you’d always had?

Here goes like: “Time goes by in the year of the dog. Seasons and hearts may change.”
The Lovely Sparrows is the indie band formed in 2005 by singer and songwriter Shawn Jones.
Year of the Dog is featured on their first album, entitled Bury the Cynics and released [...]

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AM Syndicate – To the Peasants of the Emperor


“The world of the yarn people is in trouble, their people have been taken and it is up to one lover to rescue his friends and return to the arms of his sweetheart!”
AM Syndicate is a band based in Austin, Texas formed by the remaining members of the Adolfo’s Reversal project: Omar Chavez, golfball, [...]

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ERIC POWER – The Inventor

A scientist is looking for the key to flight. But he’ll need help in order to reach for the sky.
“This is a reverse music video. The animation was done first then sent to Eric Bohlke who created an amazing song for it.”
Directed and animated by Eric Power of Clear Productions.
Uno scienziato cerca il segreto [...]

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Many Birthdays – Days Like Turtles

“A chain reaction begins in a cafe…”
Many Birthdays is an experimental music band from Austin, Texas. Members are: Sarah Luce, John Dixon, Henna Chou, Rachel Fuhrer.
Days Like Turtles is featured on their 2006 EP entitled Days of Beat / Days of Hollow.
The music video has been directed and animated by Eric Power at Clear [...]

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