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MONEY MARK – Information Contraband

Here’s a technicolor motion graphics street adventure. And it’s for free. Well, almost…
“Information Contraband sees Money Mark traversing through a color saturated city of huge movie posters: slinky babes from huge Technicolor billboards slap the singer across his face on his jaunt; dudes with machetes and swords twist and turn in jungle terrain and martial [...]

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Resfest 10: San Francisco

I’ll be fighting for the future of mankind.

It’s coming. And this time it’ll not take any prisoners!!! Yeah, but… What is it?
This teaser for last year Resfest has been directed by Eric Lava AKA Green Towel, Patrick Bowyer (of Transistor Studios) and Anders Schroder AKA dform1.
Sta arrivando. E questa volta non farà prigionieri. Si vabbe’… [...]

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