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BJORK – Wanderlust

Listen loud!

When this video was released I decided not to watch it. The hype was so high, so many things were said before even having the chance to see anything, that there was no way I could have enjoyed it.
Now that I’ve finally took the time to watch it…. Well, I’ll watch it again. And [...]

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Zion I – Soo Tall

Gotta get up, gotta go to work.

Just an ordinary jungle in the day…
Zion I are a hip hop duo from Oakland, California. The duo consists of producer and DJ AmpLive and MC Zumbi.
Soo Tall was released in 2006 on Live Up Records, the third and final single from their third album True & Livin’.
The [...]

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Ballistic Jaw Propulsion of Trap-Jaw Ants

To infinity, and beyond!

Where we learn that “the remarkably rapid mandible strikes of the trap-jaw ant can yield multiple functional outcomes.” (Source: PNAS)
Another short movie by Encyclopedia Pictura for the Wolphin DVD Magazine. This was featured on Issue #3.
Dove impariamo che “i veloci colpi di mascella della formica Odontomachus bauri possono avere esiti funzionali disparati.” [...]

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Born Like Stars

Return to the Sun of Nothing…

“When Brad Seibel’s 2000 paper suggested squids brood, it was called erroneous. Years later, when Seibel had the opportunity to direct a submersible, he captured this footage confirming his hypothesis.”
Born like Stars is a short film put together by Encyclopedia Pictura (via Ghost Robot) in collaboration with Brent Hoff for [...]

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Tactical Advantage

Straight shooter: a frank and a honest person.

I promised it and here it is. Well, actually I think that an image like this, sooner or later, came to anybody’s mind.
The movie is a collaboration of Encyclopedia Pictura as Mangello Tipperary. Yes, I know you’re supposed to collaborate with somebody, not as somebody. According to Warp [...]

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ISAIAH SAXON – Micro Macro


LOL. Spaghetti string theory.
Micro-Macro is a short movie by Isaiah Saxon from Encyclopedia Pictura.
Ingredients (nm persons): Neil Clayton, spaghetti, tomatoes, sprouts, grapes, brussel sprouts, peanuts, cranberries, egg, chard, banana, bread, broccoli, melon, tangerine, pineapple rings, corn, peas, tabouli, onion.
LOL. Teoria delle stringhe di spaghetti.
Micro-Macro è un corto di Isaiah Saxon, di Encyclopedia Pictura.
Ingredienti: Neil Clayton, [...]

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Encyclopedia Pictura: Grow

If you played and finished Sam and Max Hit the Road, you know what to expect from this clip, something halfway between a self promo and a short movie.
Directed by Isaiah Saxon. Director of photography: Sean Hellfritsch. Visual effects: H. Haden Hammond and Isaiah Saxon.
The actors are Neil Clayton and Jason Martinez.
Se avete giocato [...]

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Haven`t Been Yourself

Another cool work by Encyclopedia Pictura, that is Isaiah Saxon and Sean Hellfritsch, for the song by the Seventeen Evergreen.
The video is… You can see the images: just, imagine it while moving. Plus, has ferromagnetic fluid fun. Well, watch it: it’s better!
“Seventeen Evergreen are cognitive computers, singers and multi instrumentalists Caleb Pate and Nephi Evans, [...]

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Grizzly Bear – Knife

Can’t you feel the knife?

A human geologist (or may he be a Klingon?) meets a woman made out of rocks, probably called there by some strange machine. Falling in love occurs.
Grizzly Bear is a Brooklyn-based indie rock band founded by Edward Droste and Christopher Bear. Additional members are: Chris Taylor (clarinetist and bassist) and Daniel [...]

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