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Sprint: City Lights

…in less than a second!

Another light doodle commercial for Sprint, it appeared a bit before Monsters of Nascar.
Directed by Nieto and Marc Wilikins at Paranoid US. Direct. of photography: Marc Wilkins. Animators: Nieto, Taik Lee, Jason Brubaker. Editor: Justin Fong.
Colorist: Sean Coleman at Company 3. Post production made at BUF and Demiurge. Creative agency: Goodby, [...]

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Generalmobilmachung!zwecks Dekonditionierung aller!HEADCLEANER!

The details of our daily brain washing are accounted on this stunning short film.
Headcleaner is a song by the Einstürzende Neubauten, featured on their 1993 album entitled Tabula Rasa.
The video has been realized in 1999 by Alessandro Bavari. Take a look (or more than a look) at his photographics works too, like Sodoma [...]

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