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Studio Universal: Ident 2

The new idents for Studio Universal were produced by the highly talented Argentinean animation house PepperMelon. Sound Design by David Kamp.

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See What`s Possible: Through the Ages

A tour de force through 5000 years of media history: from Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics to the Gutenberg Bible, from the invention of the moving pictures to Photoshop.
It’s another entry in the See What’s Possible challenge held at Cut’nPaste and, like the previously posted The Pencil Could Possibly Be Mightier, ain’t won anything.
The clip is [...]

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RUDI BLOSS – The Moving Pyramid

Once upon a time in ancient Egypt, pyramids moved… This is the story of how they stopped.
“The Moving Pyramid is a charming animated short that tells the story of corruption, power and revolution. This short combines traditional, papercut and computer animation and was completed in two years using Softimage software.” (Source: Siggraph)
Wolf-Rudiger Bloss written [...]

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