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La Main des Maîtres

La Main des Maîtres (The hand of the masters) takes its graphical direction from the early 20th century’s Art Nouveau and Victorian styles. Beneath the graphics is the society of the working class during the industrial revolution as it relates to class struggle. The major artistic influence on the overall animation style is the painter Alfons Mucha. From this inspiration, everything went to Steampunk.

The short film is the work of three students of the Georges Méliès School (formerly EESA): Vivien Chauvet, Adrien Toupet and Clément Delatre.

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Bric à Brac

The tragicomic story of two automata made up (as well as every other thing around them) of spare parts. They seem to enjoy experimenting with the musical capabilities of their bodies…

The short animated film is the work of Emeline Degand and Maud Bourotte, two students at the EESA (now École Georges Méliès).

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Petits Pois / Carottes


When a group of newly hatched flies fight over a little pea, we find out how stupid animals would be if they acted just like we humans.
The short movie is the work of Cédric Berthier, Jean-Sébastien Leroux and Maximilien Royo, the students of EESA who already brought you L’ame seule.
Quando un gruppo di giovani mosche [...]

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In every family, the relationship between brother and sister is of love and hate at the same time. The Addams The Draculas This vampire family is not an exception.
The short movie is the work of three students of the EESA school: Adrien Barbier Lambert, Adrien Annesley and Lâm Le Thanh. They also did the [...]

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Because your desire for perfection will always be frustrated. Because sometimes you just have to let things be.
Yet another take on the loving robots, but with something to say in his own voice.
Instants is a short movie by two students of the French school EESA: Bastien Brenot and Nicolas Maligne.
Music composed by Nicolas Auger. [...]

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In a theater, a sweeper is dreaming of dancing in front of a big audience. Dreaming, he met a funny character who will offer him the opportunity of fulfilling that dream.
Animadanse is the final project of three students of the EESA: Julien Badoil, Bertrand de Becque and Larson Liberlin de Shoriba Diop.
In un teatro, [...]

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In Pact

There is no pad.

Ready for some action? In this short movie, two warriors will battle in a last man (or girl) standing deathmatch.
The film is the work of: Ludovic Chailloleau, Nicolas Morel, Mirella Shamah and Sébastien Tricoire.
Original soundtrack is comprised of: Neuroxyde Symphonie and David Ex Machina, by David Uystpruyst.
P.S. Some French language, and no [...]

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L`ame seule

The lonely protagonist of L’ame seule (The Lone Soul) is about to find what is missing in his life. But then, he’ll try to sort things out the wrong way, with (un)predictable consequences.
This great piece of claymation has been realized by three students of the French school EESA: Cedric Berthier, Jean Sébastien Leroux and Maximilien [...]

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Fairy Berry

“A film full of poetry, and half naked gals!” (from a comment in the guestbook)
It’s summer, in a peaceful forest. A yellow fairy and a red fairy come to a dispute. They battle to impose their respective color. As a result, all the forest become orange. It’s autumn.
Short animated movie made by four student of [...]

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A bar mistress try to amuse a cute girl playing music with the glasses. The world suddenly regains his colors. They come out in the streets keep playing when…
This short is the final project of three EESA students: Joris Vanbiervliet, Sandrine Bergerot, Sandrine Moniez.
Una barista prova a far divertire una ragazzina suonando coi bicchieri. Il [...]

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Super Moine

Nice, ultra-violent short movie, that combine 2D and 3D animation.
A super monk kicks the bad asses of the vikings, when they come to attack the monastery.
This is the final project of Florian Landouzy, Sébastien Hô and Julien Bagnol, three students at EESA, European School of Animation.
The featured soundtrack is We’re Right by the Ace-Out. The [...]

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