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Lactacyd: Protect Yourself

The spot was directed by Robert Nylund and produced at Fat Fred. Creative agency: Grey, Amsterdam. Director of Photography: Gösta Reiland. Post Production: Valkieser. Editor: Johan Wik. Music: Earforce.

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Chevrolet Aveo: Transformer Tastic

Chevrolet tries to give you a good reason to buy an American car in this response to the popular Alive with Technology ad (and follow ups.)
Spot directed by Lieven van Baelen and produced by Jan Koopmans at Czar.
Editor: Alain Dessauvage. Director of Photography: Marcel Durst. Visual effects: Nozon.
Audio post production: Ear Force. Music produced by [...]

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Centraal Beheer: Acupuncture

Just call us.

Here’s one of those ads (made one year ago) that stick in your head for how clever it is. All begins when a man visits an acupuncture expert. Just as the building is going up in flames.
The ad was directed by Bart Timmer at the Dutch company Czar. He is also represented in [...]

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Ways to Protect the Planet: Defense Shield

Protecting Earth from our new enemy: the Sun!

Here’s the other half of the Ways to Protect the Planet series, made by 180 Amsterdam and Panda Panther for MTV Switch.
The first half is Chimney Sweep. Refer to that post for credits, or just read them here.
L’altrà metà della serie Ways to Protect the Planet, realizzata da180 [...]

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Ways to Protect the Planet: Chimney Sweep

Protecting the Earth from our new enemy…

There are several suggestions about how to stop global warming: some are simple, some are crazy. These spot covers the latter…
“Who can combat the proliferation of green house gas? The Airforce, armed with a deadly weapon: a giant cork!”
Part of the MTV Switch campaign, the Ways to Protect the [...]

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