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Wake Up

Wake up, it’s time to… I dunno, but it’s time.
An opener for Annecy 2004 made by Christelle Abgrall, Anaïs Chevillard, Virginie Hanrigou and Bernard Ling at the Gobelins school.
Sveglia, è tempo di… Non lo so, ma è tempo.
Trailer per Annecy 2004, opera di Christelle Abgrall, Anaïs Chevillard, Virginie Hanrigou e Bernard Ling presso la [...]

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Kap10Kurt – Danger Seekers

Music is forbidden.

Yet another pissing super hero…
“In a world full of danger, where music is banned by an evil militia, Captain Kurt, an easy-going hero, helped by his sexy mate Leah, will blow up this Machiavellian conspiracy…”
Kap10Kurt is a Swiss born, New York City based electronic musician and programmer.
Danger Seekers is a single released on [...]

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aKido – Les humains

Parce que ces propos méritent d’être entendus.

When the villagers are performing a secret vote to besiege him, Monkey finds out and launches a massive attack to protect his reign.
aKido is the electronic rock band and pseudonym of the Montreal based composer and guitarist Kim Gaboury.
Les humains, featuring the voice of Canadian filmmaker Pierre Falardeau, was [...]

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De Blob

Join the Color Revolution!

Talking about Nintendo, here’s the trailer for the Wii version of De Blob, a game originally developed by a group of Dutch students of the Utrecht School of the Arts for PC, and available as a free download.
The Wii version is developed by Blue Tongue. If the story reminds you of True [...]

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Le programme du jour


I wanted to post another movie, but I only have a few minutes to spend and this one is already online, so here it comes…
Set in a dystopian future, where a life booth tell you everything you need to know, even when to scratch your ass, we follow B42-347 while he’s attending a Gollum-esque meeting [...]

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