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OHGR – Majik

Some industrial music, a metaphoric (but not that much) description of the socio-political situation, and stop-motion animation. What could you ask more?
Ohgr is the solo project of Nivek Ogre (real name Kevin Graham Ogilvie) also singer for the Skinny Puppy. The song is featured on the album Sunnypsyop, released on 2003 for Spitfire Records. [...]

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Rock the World [REPOST]

Troubled timesCaught between confusions and pain, pain, pain.

I spent today watching some movie. I started with Shao Lin san shi liu fang (The 36th Chamber of Shaolin) also known as The Master Killer, one of the early movie of the the Shaw Brothers. You’ll find the trailer freshly uploaded on YouTube.
Then I watched the second [...]

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SUKWON SHIN – Rock the World

Rock the World is the Silver Medal Student Academy Award winning CGI short from Korean animator Sukwon Shin.
In some secret bunker under the White House, George W. Bush and Colin Powell starts some secret mechanism for the final countdown… So, we finally discover the very deepest desires of Dubya.
Realized as a final project for the [...]

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SIMON ROBSON – What Barry Says

None of us really matters to them.

A collaboration between Simon Robson and his friend Barry McNamara, this short date back 2003, but nothing changed since then. Nothing.
They started recording a monologue by Barry, about the Imperialism made in U.S.A. and the “Project for the New American Century”.
On what Barry says, Simon developed this animation with [...]

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LA PHAZE, "Assaut Final"

Attenzione. Potrebbe contenere Bush e Bin Laden…Video di un gruppo francese, per il singolo tratto dal loro nuovo album, Fin de cycle.Sul sito dei La Phaze potete ascoltare tutto l’album. Volendo, anche scaricarlo. I link a seguire…Se qualcuno conosce il testo, lo posti pure!

Apri il filmato in una finestra
Scarica il video in formato Quicktime. (Nel [...]

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