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Sharing shouldn’t hurt.

Last year, Daniel Oeffinger designed, directed and animated two spots to enter for the Down with DRM video contest held by Free Culture, resulting one of the winners.
The links below refer to the second spot. The first one? Download it from here.
L’anno scorso, Daniel Oeffinger ha curato design, regia ed animazione di due [...]

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Sorry for the long pause, but my computer has been haunted by some scumware. Many thanks go to my ISP again…
Talking about scum, Steve Jobs made a public statement against DRM: genuine pledge or a the trick of a jester? Defective by Design wrote him an open letter. I suggest you to read and, [...]

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GOTYE – Hearts a Mess

Your heart’s a messYou won’t admit to itIt makes no senseBut I’m desperate to connectAnd you, you can’t live like this

A strange creature with a megaphone is followed, as the Pied Piper of Hamelin, by a bunch of even stranger creatures, with a look referencing the silhouettes of Balinese Shadow Puppets. The weird procession advance [...]

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A Gigabyte Day Night (+Updates)

Well, let me add up: 321 + 102 + 179 + 286 + 86 = 974 MB! So I missed the giga… But that was not the point.
The point is that a party like this will not be possible anymore when DRM will be the rule, not the exception. So, if you liked it, and [...]

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