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Ups and Downs

So, No Fat Clips!!! has been moved is on the new server. Credit lists, previews and rotating images has been affected by the move, but I’ve addressed the problem right now. Tell me if you find any other glitch.

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Fluctuations in the Cyberspace

Dreamhost is moving my site again, this time to new shiny 64 bit servers. It should happen in the next days, but I’m not sure when exactly.

Expect down time during the move and errors while I update the system paths. The good news is that the new file servers should be able to manage a heavier load.

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Escaping Oblivion

I really don’t know what to do. I’ve let this week pass by without updates because I’m too pissed off.

My connection works perfectly. Dreamhost says that my server is working perfectly too, and I believe them. The problem is somewhere in between — the host with IP address (= CogentCo gateway) for me — and there’s nothing neither me nor them can do about it.

I can’t even move my site elsewhere, because a complete backup, at this speed rate — 15KB/s in the (Europe) morning and 5KB/s in the (Europe) evening — would take about seven months.

Now: is it normal that, after two weeks (at least) of persisting issues, traffic from No Fat Clips!!! is still forwarded through a broken route? Wasn’t the Internet Protocol designed to find the best available route between two hosts? Does this means that Cogent is the only available option?

Sorry for the rant, but there’s little more I can do right now. In fact I could post stuff, even tho’ I wouldn’t be able to watch it myself! The irony…

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Show Me

Somebody wrote me on Meebo tonight, asking how “to post my movies on a similar blog, in high quality as you guys did. How did you menage to do sow? Is it a matter of private server?”
Yes, kind of. Since April, the movies are hosted on a basic account at Dreamhost. The seamless embedding is [...]

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Is anybody using it? Experiences? Drawbacks? Alternatives? Other suggestions?
I’ve had another account deleted, and I’m tired of reuploading the same stuff over and over. (EDIT: Not a Dreamhost account. I’m actually thinking of migrating all my stuff to Dreamhost!)
Feel free to use the comments to answer. Comments are moderated: if you don’t want your answer [...]

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