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ROMAIN CARLIER – La bête à bon dieu

Epargne-lacette mouche qui priemains jointes et pieds joints!(Kobayashi Issa)

Little ladybug has got a little problem with doughnuts, but being the Dear Lord’s Beast (at least for the French) has its advantages.
La bête à bon dieu is a short movie by Romain Carlier, student of Supinfocom.
La piccola coccinella ha un problema con le ciambelle, ma essere [...]

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Café Serré

They got a crazy way of loving there and I’m gonna get me some.

Our hero has got Inspector Clouseau’s skills and competence with Clancy Wiggum’s integrity and ingenuity. And he likes donuts.
A short film made by four students of Supinfocom: Vincent E. Sousa, Bertrand Avril, Yann de Préval and Denis Bouyer.
Made for the Les espoirs [...]

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The Naked Gun: From The Files of Police Squad!

And don’t ever let me catch you guys in America!

One of the funniest title sequences ever. The Naked Gun is a film directed by David Zucker and based on the short lived TV series Police Squad.
BONUS: GTA, Naked Gun Edition.
Una delle più divertenti sequenze dei titoli. Una pallottola spuntata è un film diretto da David [...]

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