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Tasali: DJ

Think of a DJ, then think of potatoes. I guess the next thing you’ll think are not potato chips, but still…

The spot has been directed by André Chammas and produced at Fantastic Film Factory. Animation Director: Gianfranco Gaioni AKA Kobayashi. Creative agency: DDB, Dubai.

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Codatronca: This is not Gotham City

Director Kobayashi has been contacted by Paolo Spada, one of the owner of Spada Vetture Sport, to develop an online campaign for Codatronca, a super car with amazing performances and a unique design.

To emphasize the beautiness of its design, the vehicle (with the surrounding environment) has been rendered with two different styles. The result is a clash between photorealistic 3D and painted 2D images.

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Guerrilla Green Power

The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the windThe answer is blowin’ in the wind…

This short video was created for the Cut & Paste Competition held in Milan, May 2009.
Director Kobayashi created the video in merely 8 hours, with one week to think about the concept.
The video was shot with a Canon Eos 5D Mark [...]

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The Making of Matrioska Invaders: Last Scene

A making of video made by Director Kobayashi “to explain all the different stages for the creation of the final sequence” of the Smirnoff spec commercial.
Qui c’è un istruttivo video di Director Kobayashi “che spiega tutti gli stadi della creazione della sequenza finale” del suo spot non ufficiale per Smirnoff.

DOWNLOAD (960×540): Scarica Making of [...]

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Smirnoff Black: Matrioska Invaders

Do you know what you get when you mix vodka and Milan? A genius calling the new U.S.A. president suntanned.
Matrioska Invaders is a spec spot (non official work) by Gianfranco Gaioni AKA Director Kobayashi.
He “did a manga restyling to the classic matrioskas’ look to make them original and cool. All the dolls and the [...]

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