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Mothership: Crescendo

Pierre Michel lets the music play in his presentation video for Mothership. By the way, this video is available in Full HD.

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Honda Fit: Defense Mechanism

Fierce Defender

To scare tough guys away, all you need is very rapid inflation. Seeing is believing.
Another spot directed by Eric Barba and Brad Parker at Digital Domain.
Same credits as Mecha Mosquitoes apply and you can click to get the complete list.
Per spaventare i bulli, vi bastano tanti palloni gonfiati. Provare per credere!!!
Un altro spot diretto [...]

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Honda Fit: Mecha Mosquitoes

Guzzlers Be Gone!

The ultimate solution to over consumption of fuel is apparently to build gigantic bug zappers. Let’s try!
The spot was directed by Eric Barba and Brad Parker. Executive Producer was Ed Ulbrich at Digital Domain.
Creative agency: RPA, Santa Monica. Editor: Michael Heldman at Spot Welders.
Music composed by Jonathan Elias and David Wittman at Elias [...]

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Mazda: Red and White

Zoom Zoom!

Another Color vs White story (like True Color and De Blob) where the message seems to be that the Mazda will never be the way you want it to be.
The spot has been directed by Carl Erik Rinsch at RSA Films. Advertising agency: JWT, Dusseldorf.
Post production: Digital Domain. Visual Effects Supervisor: Jay Barton. Computer [...]

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Innate Skills

Each and every one of us has already competed against millions.And one.

Sperm cells in form of hands. Innate skills. Yes. The future is in our hands. But I use to call it with another name.
The spot has been directed by Carl Erik Rinsch at RSA Films. Creative agency: Leo Burnett.
Visual effects: Digital Domain. Editor: Valerie [...]

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Pepsi Amp: Paper

An author faces the demon of the writer’s block and defeats it in the only way he could.
A cool commercial directed by MJZ’s Dante Ariola, with post production by Digital Domain.
The embedded MP4 clip is a de-interlaced version of the one posted on Stash’s feed.
Un autore affronta il demone del blocco dello scrittore e lo [...]

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A humble servant of one of our finest traditions…

He’s Captain James Fairchild A.K.A. Little Pony, a “cigarette-smoking fighter ace that patrols the skies above a classic American living room on Christmas Eve and is soon engaged in aerial battle with a squadron of hostile flyers” who attempt to spoil the Christmas tree of its star. [...]

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