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Devendra Banhart – Baby

In this trippy music video, Devendra is set for a trip in… could it be uranus?

Baby is a single from Devendra Banhart’s new album, entitled What Will we Be. The music video has been directed by Ron Winter. Art Director: Elayne Blyth. Director of Photography: Jody Lee Lipes.

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Devendra Banhart – Carmensita

Grandma! I love you in a salad way.

A ludicrously faux bollywood film starring Natalie Portman as the damsel in distress, Devendra Banhart as her savior, and (not sure) Kat Dennings as the Goddess Kali.
Carmensita is a song from Devendra Banhart’s latest album, entitled Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon and released on September 2007 for XL [...]

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BRIAN SAVELSON – Counting Water

But how much do you love me?

Sorry, I had to post this. The plot sounds like that nauseatingly cheesy stories you sometimes receive by e-mail and delete but… you know…. I’m human after all.
Everything starts when a guy asks to his loved one, how much she loves him. What follows is probably intended as a [...]

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Devendra Banhart – A Ribbon

Ribbons around the fumes, we’ll be sleeping soon

A blood-red ribbon floats through a surreal environment in this haunting video.
Directed by Michel Gondry and Lauri Faggioni, with animation by Peter Sluszka, editing by Charlie Johnston at Lost Planet: the same team that worked on Steriogram’s Walkie Talkie Man. It premiered at the MOMA in January, 2005.
Special [...]

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