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Sapporo Beer: Legendary Biru

Gorgeous spot, “shot on location over a month in Guangzhou, China” and made with a combination of computer graphics, 2D illustration and live action.

Directed by Mark Zibert at Sons and Daughters and Gary Thomas at Crush. Visual effects: Crush and Loki. Creative agency: Dentsu.

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Vespa: Jump

This not built for jumping.This built for love

In this peculiar mix of animation and live action, we learn a good idea and a bad idea for things to do on a Vespa.
Animation and shooting were produced at Crush Inc, Toronto. Director: Sean Cochrane. Director of photography: John Lindsay.
Editor: Mark Paiva at School Editing. Music and [...]

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Toyota: Harmony

Why not?

In this spot, part of the Why Not campaign, a brand new car is built and then decays into the natural set of the Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada.
The protected environment didn’t allow the crew to use other materials than those found on the place. Also, the look of time-lapse photography has been [...]

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