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Tripfiss RMX

das Moos, die Maus, der Pilz.

A psychedelic trip into… uhm well, I don’t know what, but it surely is something crazy. Like our lives, that is. (Okay, that’s Busytown…)
A short video by Tipogödör (feat Optimal) and Kewlers, released at the Breakpoint 2006. Visuals by Andras Ketzer. Music by Curly Brace.
Viaggio psichedelico nel… beh, non lo [...]

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S|Layer: Intro (Remix)

The second from Exceed and Tipogödör, released at the TRSAC 2005. We already featured their first release, Poison Ivy.
The computer graphics and the soundtrack are both the work of Andras Ketzer.
This is actually an extended version. The original release can be found in the links below.
Seconda uscita di Exceed e Tipogödör, presentata al [...]

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Poison Ivy

A.S. crApple Quicktime won’t play the clip. Please, use a decent player instead. I’ll try encoding again tomorrow. Fixed.
Meh, I wanted to post more stuff today, but then I wasted time hanging around. I like to waste time, by the way…
Here’s a nice visual piece by Exceed and Tipogödör, a demo video released at [...]

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