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Oxford: Wind

Broken mirror…

Reality transfigures on paper as a teenager write her diary on some expensive notebook.
The spot was directed by Christophe Navarre at RSA Films. The soundtrack is a bubblegum version of Nirvana’s Lithium.
Creative agency: Ailleurs Exactement. Director of photography: Patrick Duroux. Editor: Samuel Danesi. Visual effects: Def2Shoot.
Many thanks to crApple Quicktime for making my browser [...]

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Belvedere: Meteor

Thrown like a star in my vast sleepI opened my eyes to take a peepTo find that I was by the seaGazing with tranquility.

Many thanks to Mato Atom for the link to his latest work, where you learn that by getting drunk with Belvedere Vodka, you can see half-naked women walking on water and many [...]

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AIDES: Love Stories

Protect yourself!

Never change a winning team, so here’s the third installment in the series of kinky ads for the AIDES campaign to raise awareness on sexually transmitted diseases and promote the use of the condom.
This time, you’ll be brought to orgy land…
The director is Wilfrid Brimo at Wanda Productions. Post production made at Def2Shoot. Creative [...]

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Smirnoff: Signature

A visual account of Smirnoff history.
The spot has been directed by Edouard Salier at Paranoïd Projects. Visual effects: Def2Shoot. Sound design by Gary Walker at 750mph. (Source: ‘boards)
Creative agency is JWT in New York.
Racconto visivo della storia di Smirnoff.
Lo spot è stato diretto da Edouard Salier presso Paranoïd Projects. Effetti speciali: Def2Shoot. Progetto del suono [...]

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Artcade: Head

Posted on Ticklebooth before, but worth a repost now that I got a better clip.
Starting from the print ad that won a Gold Lion at Cannes, TBWA Paris and Def2Shoot packaged these sexy and fascinating 30 seconds of CGI for Artcade, a gaming magazine.
The director is Thomas Marqué.
Postato già su Ticklebooth, ma merita un repost [...]

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