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Sicché, dateme licenza,graziosa e bella audienza.

A story of love, honour and vengeance between earth and sea. A stop motion fantasy based on Lo Guarracino, a Neapolitan toungue twisting song of the 18th century.
A short film directed by Michelangelo Fornaro. Produced by Silvana Leonardi and Vincenzo Di Marino.
Director of photography: Antonio Grambone. Editor: Davide Contessa.
Cast: Lello [...]

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Laura Veirs – Galaxies

Gravity is dead you see

Loving is like dreaming. Sometimes you wake up all wet.
Laura Veirs is an American singer and songwriter. Galaxies is on featured her 2005 album entitled Year of Meteors.
The music video has been directed by Terri Timely, that is Corey Creasey and Ian Kibbey.
Amare è come sognare. A volte ti svegli tutto [...]

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Avec pas d’casque – En attendant que ça paye

The fisherman is trying to cheat using an old boot. The mermaid plays the harp while the octopus is doing what every octopus does: playing the drums. Oh, and there’s the robot.
Avec pas d’casque is a folk duo based in Montréal, Québec, and comprised of Stéphane Lafleur (guitar) and Joël Vaudreuil (drums).
En attendant que [...]

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Fish Out of Water: The Nightmare

When the monster comes, we’ll kick his ass!

Tumble (Joel Huggins) and Chestnut (Gabriel Tigerman) will help Fish getting rid of his worst nightmare…
The Nightmare has been directed and edited by Ben Barnes and it is part of the Fish Out of Water comedy project. Previously: Movie Night.
Authors: Ben Barnes, Joel Huggins and Gabriel Tigerman. Fish [...]

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TUBE AND BERGER – Straight Ahead

Just one more.

A Godzilla sized deep sea diver dance around the buildings of London without crashing them. Some scuba divers join in too.
Tube & Berger is the alias of producers Arndt Rörig and Marco Vidovic from Germany. Chrissie Hynde is an American rock musician, best known as the leader of the band The Pretenders.
Straight Ahead, [...]

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Fish Out of Water: Movie Night

Our imagination…

Let’s keep it on the easy and funny with this short movie where three friends — Tumble (Joel Huggins), Chestnut (Gabriel Tigerman) and Fish (actually a fish) — are ready for a movie, brews and some popcorn.
But the whole thing will end with: an “epic love interest” prone to chocolate (Kathryn Fiore), imaginary beer, [...]

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