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Plus/Minus – Unsung

Oh noWhere did you go?Your song is unsung.

Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day, Alice (Jessica Stoller) fritter and waste the hours in an offhand way. Until someone or something show her the way.
+/- (that is Plus/Minus) is an American indie electronic band formed in 2001. Members are: James Baluyut, Patrick Ramos [...]

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Made for Each Other: Love and Sockets


The story of little Boris, a light bulb looking for his perfect match.
The spot has been directed by David Lobser and produced at Blacklist.
Executive producers: Adina Sales and Aaron Kisner. Producers: Karen Lawler and Alexander Unick.
Animation: Peter Richardson and Ian Brauner presso Little Sister. Rigging: Gwen Murray, Yaron Canetti. Modeling: David Avetisov. Matte painter: Kristian [...]

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Music is: Adrenaline

Shake it baby!

“Barbarella goes to a Rave” where “a host of dancing girl aliens that dance, faster and faster”.
Directed by David Lobser and produced at Blacklist. Creative agency: The Brooklyn Brothers.
Animation Studio: Little Sister. Music by Blue May at Amber Music.
“Barbarella va ad un rave” dove “un’orda di ragazze aliene danzanti, ballano a furiosa velocità”.
Diretto [...]

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DAVID LOBSER – Elephant Girl

“Part 2, in which Elephant Girl is carried away enchanted, together with other remarkable incidents.” And no, there is no part one. Not yet.
Elephant Girl is basically “a four and a half minute short film about “sisters” who enjoy more than just sisterhood!”
The short animated movie is the work of David Lobser and it’s [...]

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