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SMART Technologies: The Magical Classroom

A brand film made by We Are Plus for Smart to launch their new Love of Learning campaign. Director: Judy Wellfare.

Music and Sound Design: AWZ Digital Studios. Editor: Renato Sorbara at AWZ. Prop Construction: SodaPasta. Advertising agency: Sharpe Blackmore.

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2010 US Census: Community

Your daughter spent hours and hours designing the community of her dreams. You will be able to help make it a reality in about 10 minutes. Well, kind of.

The spot has been directed and produced by Shilo via Darnell Works. Director of Photography: Martin Ahlgren. Editors: Adam Bluming, Akira Chan. Head of 3D: Blake Guest.

Advertising Agency: GlobalHue Latino. Telecine: Company 3. Music: Face The Music. Audio mix: Penny Lane Studios.

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Pop-up: The Making of

The Making of the spot Pop-up for Lexus from A52.

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Fuel TV: Tame the Beast

Can i buy your next bottle of wine?

There is quite a great choice of ways to deal with giant sea snakes: in fact there are more ways than the monster themselves. Here is one way, and quite possibly the coolest.
Tame the Beast is a broadcast animation designed, produced, directed and animated at Elastic for Fuel [...]

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Making of Honda Fit: Eyes

DOWNLOAD (640×480): Scarica Making of Honda Fit Eyes in alta risoluzione standard.[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 4 MB - Running Time: 1 min.]
DOWNLOAD (640×480): Scarica Making of Honda Fit Eyes in alta risoluzione standard.[Format: Ogg Video - Size: 5 MB - Running Time: 1 min.]
WATCH (ALT.): Guarda Making of Honda Fit Eyes su Vimeo.[Format: Flash Video]

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Newport Beach Film Festival: 10th of a Century

Imo dalla Columbia! Imo!!!

A nice clip with “strangely similar aesthetic of studio titles — like Hollywood with a dramatic twist — that welcomes viewers to Newport Beach and their 10th annual celebration of film with wit and charm.”
I recognized: Paramount (stars and mountain), RKO (the little antenna on the mountain), Tristar (Pegasus), Spyglass (the guy [...]

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Honda Odyssey: Van Stunts

The van’s still rockin’

Memorable footage of cool vans from 1980s TV and movies is mixed with new footage in this new commercial for Honda vans.
The spot has been directed by Jonathan Wu at Stardust Studios via Darnell Works.
Director of photography: Pat Notaro. Editor: Michael Merkwan. Executive producer: Paul Abatemarco. Producer: Josh Libitsky.
Creative agency: RPA, Santa [...]

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AT&T: Beat City

Well I request you be my friendWe’ll spend some time taking drugs.

Apparently, new generation music players will let you change clothes, hair and demeanor at your will.
The spot has been directed by Alan Bibby and produced at Stardust. Edited by Andrew Borin.
Creative agency: BBDO, New York. Creative directors: Susan Credle, Darren Wright, David Skinner, Patrick [...]

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Boeing: Connecting

Just beyond the horizonwhere the futureis close enough to touch.

Sky’s not the limit, after all.
A spot from 2003 directed by Andrew Becker and produced by Gabi Simpson at Radical Media. Director of photography: Claudio Miranda.
Advertising agency: FCB. Creative director: John Claxton. Art director: Chuck Taylor. Editor was Dave Trachtenberg at Cosmo Street.
Visual effects by A52 [...]

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Mercenaries 2: Ca$h

It’s payback time!

It’s all about the money…
A commercial for Mercenaries 2: World in Flames, a videogame developed by Pandemic Studios for Electronic Arts.
Directed and produced by Shilo Design. Creative Director: Jose Gomez. Design: Curtis Doss, Jose Gomez. Editor: Curtis Doss. Executive Producer: Santino Sladavic. Producer: Jake Hibler.
2D Animators: Curtis Doss, Nate Davies, Eugene Gauran, Ed [...]

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Honda Fit: Eyes

The Fit is Go!

Ah, the crazy eyes!!!
A commercial directed by Andrew Hall (also director of photography) and produced by Mark Tobin (executive prod.) and Sarah Haynes at A52.
Concept artist: Darren Gillford. Flame artists: Kirk Balden, Pat Murphy. Shake artist: James Pastorius. Previz artist: Dan Gutierrez.
Computer graphics artists: Max Ulichney, Kirk Shintani, Eli Guerron, Paulo [...]

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Lexus: Popup

Lexus really want you to know that their cars are safe, actively safe, and here’s a new installment in their effort. The tale of the safest accident is told with an ingenious mix of craftmanship and chroma key.

The spot was directed by Oskar Holmedal at Stylewar. Produced by Smuggler for creative agency Team One.

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