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The Ladders: Monsters

Ubi maior minor cessat.

There are monster monsters and there are mooooonsta monsters. I’m dead in the head.
The spot was directed by Dante Ariola and was produced by Natalie Hill at MJZ.
Director of photography: Philipe Le Sourd. Editor: Kirk Baxter at Rock Paper Scissors.
Visual effects: Method Studios. Supervisors: Alex Frisch, Andy Boyd. Colorist: Stefan Sonnenfeld at [...]

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This is Living: Grenade

This new viral in the This is Living campaign for the PlayStation 3, introduces us to the eccentric cast of the show. TV and cinema spots will follow, and finally, a six minutes short movie should appear.
The commercial has been directed by Dante Ariola and produced at MJZ. Post production made at The Mill. The [...]

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Pepsi Amp: Paper

An author faces the demon of the writer’s block and defeats it in the only way he could.
A cool commercial directed by MJZ’s Dante Ariola, with post production by Digital Domain.
The embedded MP4 clip is a de-interlaced version of the one posted on Stash’s feed.
Un autore affronta il demone del blocco dello scrittore e lo [...]

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Travelers: Snowball

Roll with anything!

The third TV spot in the campaign Insurance In-Synch for St. Paul Travelers insurance, uses a Katamari Damacy style ball of “stuffs” to deliver the message. Just like the previously covered You Are Here.
Developed by Minneapolis based agency Fallon, the commercial was produced at MJZ, with the direction of Dante Ariola. Special [...]

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A nice commercial for Johnnie Walker. More infomations about it, when available…
UPDATE: Duncan’s has some. Filming was directed by Dante Ariola at MJZ, with producer Debbie Turner. Editing was done by Andrea McArthur. Post production was done at The Mill.
Also, Stash points to a promo website where you can chit chat with The Android [...]

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First Taste

An old man realize that his old days are worth more than the boredom of the retirement house.
Directed by Dante Ariola at MJZ. Sound by Audio Engine.
Un anziano signore intuisce che i suoi ultimi giorni meritano di piu’ che la noia della casa di riposo.
Diretto da Dante Ariola presso MJZ. Suono di Audio Engine.

via Llamame [...]

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