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PBS Kids: Expansion

A montage of the spots featuring Dot and Dash for PBS Kids. Directed by Jeremy Seymour and Donald Emerson at Primal Screen.
Montaggio degli spot con protagonisti Dot e Dash per PBS Kids. Regia di Jeremy Seymour e Donald Emerson presso Primal Screen.

via Motionographer

DOWNLOAD (HI RES): Scarica PBS Kids Expansion.[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 5 MB [...]

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AMIT EREZ – Postcard

Say what you want toI don’t care what you’re thinking.

Stop thinking about what you’ve lost, they say. But how can you remove something you don’t have already?
Amit Erez is an Israeli singer and songwriter based in Tel Aviv. He is the the guitarist of the eclectic rock band Eatliz, previously here with the video for [...]

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YVES GELEYN – Dandelions

Watching buttercups cup the lightSleeping on a dandelionToo much, I won’t touch youBut then I might.

A “small pastoral requiem”.
The short is the work of Yves Geleyn, and it may reminds you of Eclats de suie. Music and sound design : Mark Webster.
Un “breve requiem pastorale”.
Il corto è opera di Yves Geleyn, e potrebbe ricordarvi Eclats [...]

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