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Zôl – La vengeance de Boorbie

Zôl is a French electronic artist. La vengeance de Boorbie is the closing track from the 2006 album Le Zôly Ordinaire. The music video has been directed by Charlie Mars. Art Direction: Vanessa Ailleaume. 3D Motion Graphics: Jules Guérin.

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Falling from the sky has never been so graceful and elegant before. Dive’n’Dance is the first 3D animated film by Raphaël Tillie.

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Baloji – Le jour d’après / Siku Ya Baadaye (Independance Cha-Cha)

A music video shot in the neighbourhood of Bon marché (Barumbu), at the heart of Kinshasa, featuring the late Wendo Kolosoy’s backing band. This is Congo: the wide range of backgrounds, the various ethnic groups and traditions has and will never stand in the way of sharing a common set of ambitions.

The music video has been directed by Spike & Jones and produced by Annemie Decorte and Michèle Meire at Dr. Film.

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Hudson Mohawke – Joy Fantastic

Hudson Mohawke (born Ross Birchard) is an electronic music producer and DJ from Glasgow, Scotland, affiliated with the LuckyMe collective.

Joy Fantastic, featuring Olivier Daysoul is a track from his first album, entitled Butter and released for Warp in 2009.

The music video has been directed and animated and produced by Tom Scholefield at Konx-om-Pax.

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Zune Arts: Moodbot

The short film has been directed by Rob Shaw and produced by Jenny Grayson at Bent Director of Photography: Dan Ackerman. Lead Animator: Jeff Riley. Art Director: Rebecca Stillman.

The song is Dirty Laundry by Bitter:Sweet. Creative agency: 72 and Sunny.

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The fashion film has been directed by Elisha Smith-Leverock and produced by Mary Fostiropoulos at Stamp Films. Fashion design: Fred Butler with Rosy Nicholas.

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2010 US Census: Living Mural

The concept is simple: bringing a community to life through the visual works of one muralist. Doing it, that’s another story.

The spot for the 2010 US Census aimed at the Latin community is the work of Digital Kitchen. Creative agency: Global Hue.

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Flavorhood: The Making of

A short and funny montage of images from behind the scenes of the spot produced at Panda Panther.

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Bubble Sex

Gonna get strange eggs this Easter. At least it what you’d argue by this strange video directed by Valerie Pirson at Partizan. Music by the non existent Disco Chicken Project (actually The Seebach Band).

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Consumerism! The Musical

Let’s sing and dance with this short film from our regular guests from Whitestone Motion Pictures, “a satire and celebration of the culture we live in.”

It’s funny how you can at the same time empathize and feel aversion towards the main character. Kind of how I feel at myself usually.

Consumerism! The Musical was directed by Brandon McCormick. Music by Nick Kirk and Billy Wilkerson. Starring: Justin Carter.

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Philips: Pubic Hair

Here’s another work from Pinkman AKA Alberto Mielgo, a ridiculously sexy spot for who knows (and who cares?) what. I guess that’s actually a spec spot, even though it would be perfect for Pixel Precise HD television.

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Pubic Hair: Making of

This video from Alberto Mielgo at Pinkman has got some very nice brush strokes. Really nice and enjoyable.

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Frito Lay Dips: And Then There Was Salsa

First of all, if haven’t done it yet, go on Vimeo and watch the enhanced version of the spot. This kind of technology is nothing new, but it has the potential to become widespread. Or perhaps nobody would care anymore when the novelty is over.

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Panic Girl – Burn And Rise

Panic Girl is Martha Plachetka, musician, producer, singer and sound designer from Munich, Germany. Burn and Rise is a track on her debut EP of the same name, just released for Shady Brain.

The music video has been directed by Reza Dolatabadi and produced by Paula Lacerda Bird and Amy Dowling at Flaunt. Director of Photography: Ben Cowie.

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TV1: Celebration

Another ident in the series for TV1 made by sixty40, inspired by the work of PES.

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