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Here’s a clip with the final minutes from Emir Kusturica’s short movie, Guernica.
“FAMU student film, the story is based on a Antonije Isaković novel. It tells the history of a Jewish little boy facing the fear of the anti-semitism. His father brings him in 1937 to the Exposition Universelle in Paris, where he discovers [...]

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“Fancy dress, symbolic incompatibility of the bodies, longing, promises, seduction, deception, pretence and taking advantage of each other.”
All of these things and more, are condensed in this 3d animated video created by Ondřej Švadlena (previously here with Sanitkasan) at Avion Film, Prague.
Music by Guillaume Blondeau.
“Ornamenti, simbolica incompatibilità dei corpi, desiderio, promesse, seduzione, inganno, finzione [...]

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Fuck off, I’m full!

In the words of film critic Petr Zvonicek, Sanitkasan is a “stridently contemporary story about a self destroying mechanical character and the pathological voraciousness, not only of cyber civilisation, but of our society in general.”
The movie is the work of Czech artist Ondrej Svadlena.
Nelle parole del critico cinematografico Petr Zvonicek, Sanitkasan è [...]

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A quirky short movie spotted by Ajit, a look at our lives, our habits, our shapes of mind.
The short movie has been written, directed and animated by Denizcan Yüzgül as his final project at the Czech Filmová škola Zlín.
Sound design and music by Ahmet Kenan Bilgiç. Edited by Denizcan Yüzgül and Michael Carrington. Visual [...]

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ANNA K – Vecernice

A nice music video set in a Computer Graphics world where the sense is getting lost…
Anna K is a “leading czech singer” and Večernice (Vesper) should be her latest single.
The clips was produced at the Czech animation studio 3desade, that is the partnership between animators Pavel Sadílek (also director of the video) and Jan Brukner [...]

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I Was a Teenage Intellectual

Intellectuals are not a myth.They’re real and dangerous!

This is the story of two teenagers, Pavel and Eva, living a satisfactory life of dumbess when Pavel got bitten by a werewolf intellectual. He’ll soon start to find Hegel much more interesting than action movies…
Not the best movie ever: for example, the idea could have been [...]

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