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Paper Puppet Palooza

The video is a trailer for Paper Puppet Palooza: Techniques for Making Moveable Art Figures and Paper Dolls, Norma’s book on… well, I guess the title is self explicative.

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ROB SHAW – The Machine

The man was bored, so he made the machine. The man made the machine to be bigger, stronger and faster. When he was finished, he sent the machine out into the world.

The Machine is a short animated film has been written and directed by Rob Shaw (of Bent). Narration by Andrea Schuch. Animation: Rob Shaw and Sarah Hulin.

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Ruby is lured away from Gene, in a fantastic adventure involving a magician and some photographs. But thanks to a troupe of magic ants and a space-time distortion, she’ll find her way back home…
The short has been written, directed, produced and edited by Danielle Zorbas of Independent Llama Productions. Director of photography: Judd Overton.
Ruby [...]

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Czeslaw Spiewa – Maszynka Do Swirkania

you come from helland I come from heaven

Meet “a pot of strange characters, warped in their own past glory.” Now they are old and retired, but at the “Café Czeslaw, the illusion of their success continues.”
Czeslaw Spiewa is a music project by Czeslaw Mozil, Polish musician born in Zabrze who spent most of his life [...]

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Concentrez-vous au TRAVAIL.Votre SALAIRE augmentera,votre VIE changera.

Louis is a puppet in a coin triggered machine, whose job is to make miniature cars. Then he jumps in it, and reach for his house, to sit down and relax in a comfortable armchair.
A jam in the machine will bring him in the very heart of it, and [...]

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