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Kirsty Almeida – Spider

Kirsty Almeida is an up and coming British singer and songwriter, whose first album will be released in late 2010, while Spider, the single, will be released for Decca on 14th June 2010.

The music video has been directed by Andy Soup and produced by Sarah Tognazi at Spring69. Director of photography: Dennis Madden. Art Director: Caroline Storey. Editor: Jimmy Wright.

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Bluebrain – Ten by Ten

Bluebrain is Hays Holladay and Ryan Holladay, an indies duo from Washington DC.

The music video is the work of Gabe Askew who directed and animated. Additional 3D graphics by Austin Hernandez and James Atilano.

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Doggy Bag

Bombombombombombombombombombom bombombom…

According to The Natural Chase, “hunting with dogs can therefore be regarded as natural.” But what about hunting dogs?
Doggy Bag is a short film where two hungry gentlemen from Soviet Russia resort to extreme measures to find some food.
The work of Guillaume Cassuto, Thomas Moine and Sylvain Perlot, students of Supinfocom.
The music is a [...]

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VH1: Season Greetings

A campaign for the Christmas holidays on VH1 with lots of fun and a cuckoo clock.

Concept, design and direction: Man vs Machine (Tim Swift and Mike Alderson). Sound design by Hecq. 3D Graphics by Jon Noorlander.

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STUART O`KEEFE – The Dancing Cuckoo

“A young cuckoo bird learns how to dance with the help of a zombie go-go dancer, a metropolitan B-boy and a jiving robot!”
The short has been realized by Stuart O’Keefe. The soundtrack is Jazzhole by Free the Robots.
“Un cuculo impara a ballare con l’aiuto di una go-go zombie, di un B-boy metropolitano e di un [...]

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GEZA M. TOTH – Maestro

click… clock…

Here’s another pick from an online showcase, this time the Portable Film Festival, from Channel Portable. The film didn’t won anything there, but it’s a good one.
“Five minutes before the Big Performance. The Maestro is getting ready for the execution behind the curtains. Time is slowly ticking away…” (Source: Filmunió)
The animated short movie has [...]

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