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Guinness: Fridge Magnet


Ah, the attractive power of beer. No, we’re not talking about beer goggles; neither this is about ornamental refrigerator magnets, but a yet undiscovered force of nature.
The spot has been directed by Fredrik Bond and produced Ran Holst at Sonny London.
Director of Photography: Crille Forsberg. Edited by Tim Thorton-Allan at Marshall Street.
Post production by Scott [...]

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Toyota Camry: Asphalt Birth

Moving forward

“You can launch a new car model in many ways. This is a more spectacular way for sure!”
The commercial was directed by Stylewar’s Oscar Holmedel and produced at Smuggler.
Post produced at Method Studios with Cedric Nicolas as lead visual effects artist and Laurent Ledru as creative director.
Director of photography: Crille Forsberg. Editing done by [...]

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Dodge: Nitro

The point here seems to be that this freakin’ SUV is too freakin’ heavy and it will suck a lot of gasoline. So you’d rather buy a smaller and cheaper car. How could I disagree?
Directed by the Swedish collective ACNE. Director of photography: Crille Forsberg.
Il punto qui, sembra essere che questo cavolo di SUV è [...]

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Axe: Love Story

The guy had a little transpiration problem. Well, he could actually keep a fish alive under his armpit. Everybody praise him for this. Everybody except the woman he loves. Until, one day…
Commercial directed by Traktor and produced by Pioneer Productions. Director of photography: Crille Forsberg.
Traktor’s website holds a different version of the clip, which shows [...]

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Mars Delight: "Bruce lee"

A delicate version of a classic.

Commercial for Mars, realized by Acne. Director of photography: Crille Forsberg.
Check out the version with Conan, too.
Spot per Mars realizzato da Acne. Direttore della fotografia: Crille Forsberg.
Date uno sguardo anche allo spot con Conan.

DOWNLOAD: Scarica Bruce Lee.[Format: Quicktime - Size: 3 MB - Running Time: 1 min.]
WATCH: Guarda Bruce Lee [...]

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