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Paper Puppet Palooza

The video is a trailer for Paper Puppet Palooza: Techniques for Making Moveable Art Figures and Paper Dolls, Norma’s book on… well, I guess the title is self explicative.

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Whatever seems real livesa second more unbalanced identity in Hollis.

Norma Toraya wrote in about her music video for her friends’ band. You may remember her short movie Lover Supplant, or her Self Portrait. Yea, you definitely need to see this.
What we got is a tale of eros and thanatos (you know, unrequited and/or destructive love) [...]

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NORMA V. TORAYA – Lovers Supplant

Lovers Supplant is an animated short about a femme fatale who creeps along in the night with an objective (abduction of a blissful female) and a motive: to be with the man she loves and role she deserves. (Source: Micro Cinema)
Lovers Supplant is the work of Norma V. Toraya, also known as Cranky Bunny who [...]

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