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Industrial landscapes, bird flocks, sparkling tires. This short animated film is fast as hell and choke full of exquisite details. Try not to miss any!

All elements in the film, including the music, are the work of Shunsuke Saito.

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à Dada

A woman gives birth to a tree made with the process of the surrealistic game known as exquisite corpse; a project inspired by the artistic movement Dada, where nonsense makes sense and creates poetry.

A short film by four students of the Supinfocom: Hélène Astier, Mathilde Le Moal, Jia Jun Chen, Bruno Pontiroli. Made with the help by Luis Miguel Henao. Music: Kapalest.

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Protect Our Waves: Animated Clip 2

Another finely animated scene by Treat Studios for Protect Our Waves, the surfing film directed by Richard Stewart, commissioned by Surfers against Sewage and released with The Surfer’s Path magazine.

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In Case of Fire – Enemies

Why can’t I just saythere will be a day wheneveryone will hear the truth?Never in this world will we lose control of you.


Everything, is a giant conspiracy, set up especially for you. Everything, including conspiracy theories.
In Case of Fire (formely known as Element) are an alternative rock group from Northern Ireland. Members are: Steven Robinson, [...]

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Icad 2007: Titles

Craft Award

For some people it is that easy. For some people it’s that hard. Whatcha wanna do, c’est la vie.
And by the way, I always always always always always always hated those damn crane games.
Anyway. This sequence was the opening to the 2007 edition of the ICAD advertising awards, produced at Piranha Bar.
Per alcuni è [...]

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Labour: Intro

The intro for an Ukrainian rollerblading video named Labour is here for you. Enjoy!
The visuals are the work of RigidLine. The music is Sparrow by Mira Calix.
Eccovi l’introduzione per un video ucraino di pattinaggio, intitolato Labour.
La grafica è opera di RigidLine. La musica invece è Sparrow di Mira Calix.

as seen on CG Talk

DOWNLOAD: Scarica [...]

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