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Aditya Birla: Engineer

The Engineer’s Choice.

And here’s one for those who have always been eager to know how an engineer sees the world. You’re about to find out…
The ad was both on Waterfront and Condor Cape websites. Don’t know more about it. Maybe after the holidays…
Questa è per chi ha sempre voluto sapere come vede il mondo un [...]

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Indalo Yethu: A Clean Start

Save Tomorrow, Today.

Save the world with us. It just takes a pencil and an eraser. Or am I forgetting something?
Indalo Yethu is South Africa enviromental campaign that endorses sustainable projects and promotes education and awareness of the public.
The spot has been developed at Collective Films and directed by Mark Lawrie. Cinematographer: Clive Lawrie. Editor: Grant [...]

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Sasol: Puppet

Experiment. Transform. Create.

A great man once said that it’s not answers that change the world, it’s questions.
This was not supposed to be here today. I found it just yesterday, when everything was already uploaded to the server. But I thought it could have been a great opener for today posts. Even though Sasol is actually [...]

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Bravia: Threads

Feel like no other.

While everybody was busy watching the new Colour Like No Other Play Doh spot, and discussing about it being or not a rip-off, Sony released a completely new spot, in a new campaign. In fact it looks a lot like Balls. And it’s not a bad thing at all.
The spot has been [...]

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