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They Might Be Giants – Computer Assisted Design

Computer Assisted Design is a song from They Might Be Giants‘ new album, entitled Here Comes the Science.

The music video has been directed by Rob Shaw and produced at Bent.

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TRËZ – Tar

Deliciously anguishing, Tar is a short film directed by Trëz, part of the Octopulse collective. The label of psychological horror has never been so appropriate, I guess.

Live action: Rémi Proust. Post Production: Florian Bestel. 3D Graphics: Trëz. Soundtrack: Ruins of Desolation by Atrium Carceri.

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HP: Invent

Freakin’ awesome!

A short video made for the D&AD Student Awards 2009, sponsored by Hewlett Packard.
“Focusing on the synchronization of of HP products, printers become an orchestra in an aesthetic symphony conducted by workstations.”
The video has been designed and directed and edited by Matt Robinson and Tom Wrigglesworth.
The song is Hold Me Back by the Round [...]

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JOSSIE MALIS – Bendito Machine ep. 3

Obey his commands

“They were gods of the highest standing and dignity — gods of the civilized people — worshipped and believed in by millions. All were theoretically omnipotent, omniscient and immortal. And all are dead.” (from: Memorial Service, by H.L. Mencken)
Radio, television, internet: the inhabitants of the universe created by Jossie Malis for his Bendito [...]

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ANDY HUANG – The Gloaming

HD Video available in the underneath links.

Don’t worry, it was just a dream. Soon you’re going to wake up, back to your boring life and your shitty job.
“A tale of macabre absurdity, The Gloaming plunges this unwitting protagonist (Randall Rickert) into a cycle of nightmares.”
A nightmarish short movie directed by Andrew Thomas Huang at School [...]

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Big Cheese!

A man without his mouse is nothing!
Another cute short movie directed and edited by Raffaella Traniello with some of her school kids.
Idea, storyboard, acting, shooting, music and sound by Valentino Deganutti, Ruth Deganutti and Sibilla Deganutti.
Produced with free open source software only: the Ubuntu operative system and Cinelerra CV. Click for some informations [...]

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Web 2.0

A little something you have probably seen before, as it won at The First Post Viral Competition. But if didn’t, this is the right time!
It shows a very interactive computer system, a kind of interactivity that goes beyond virtuality.
The short has been directed by Leo Bridle and Leo Powell. The music was composed by Tom [...]

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