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Discovery Channel: Man vs Wild with Bear Grylls

Sometimes mother nature is not the most friendly impersonal entity out there. Well, in fact she is the out there out there.

The spot has been directed by Ash Bolland and produced by Von Dekker at Umeric. Sound design: Marcelo Baldin at Combustion.

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Nike: Wind is a Part of Me

“This promo is about wind that lives, helps and drives us inside.”
Directed and animated by Andrew Muratov at GR8 Production. Art director: Sergey Golnikov. Additional computer graphics: Maxim Meshkov.
Sound design: Marcelo Baldin at Combustion. Creatives: Sergey Golnikov, Viktor Zvegincev, Andrew Muratov.
“This promo is about wind that lives, helps and drives us inside.”
Directed and animated by [...]

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Viver Design em São Paulo: Adiantum Pedatum

HD Video available in the underneath links

Fourth in a series of eight shorts made by eight Brazilian designers for the KM M MM event by Nöos.
Adiantum pedatum was directed, animated and produced by Animatório. Art direction: Abiuro. Sound design: Combustion.
Quarto di una serie di otto film realizzati da otto designer brasiliani per l’evento KM M [...]

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Black Thinking: The Fly and the Eye

Always expect the unexpected!

Even without Telepods, when flies mess with you, it might have weird consequences on yourself and the time-space continuum.
The first five short films produced at Boolab for the Black Thinking website. Motiono grapher also posted the second short called Scratch me.
The Fly and the Eye has been directed by Denis Kamioka AKA [...]

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Mad in Spain 2008

Paper, paint, graphics, sound: works of art take their place under the big sky of Madrid.
Helio Vega created this titles for the 2008 edition of Mad in Spain, the annually held event on design.
Sound design by Marcelo Baldin at Combustion.
Carta, colori, grafica, suono: opere d’arte prendon posto sotto il grande cielo di Madrid.

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Toca me: Beyond Surface 2008

Dvein Stomach Mouses

Barcelona based studio Dvein made this beautiful opening sequence for Toca me’s design conference Beyond Surface ‘08.
Each credited participant is represented by a monogram (designed by Alex Trochut) that… well, it’s easier to watch…
Music by Combustion.
Lo studio Dvein di Barcellona ha realizzato questa sequenza di apertura per Beyond Surface ‘08, conferenza tenuta da [...]

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Royal Elastics: Feilfri

Not only molecular biology can actually be interesting; it can even employed to sell some sneakers.
The spot has been realized at Umeric by director Ash Bolland and designer/art director Von Dekker. Storyboard by Kim Dulaney. (Source: Motionographer)
Sound by Combustion.
Non solo la biologia molecolare può essere resa interessante; si può anche usarla per vendere scarpe.
Lo spot [...]

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