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Don Fardon – I’m Alive

I’m Alive is a song first recorded in 1969 by Don Fardon. The recent remix by Ashley Beedle is the soundtrack to the Dodo commercial for 5 Alive, a brand of Coca Cola, who decided to make a full music video out of it.

Directed by Tom Kingsley and produced by Tamsin Glasson at Blimp. Director of photography: Denzil Armour-Brown.

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BJORK – Unravel

While you are awayMy heart comes undoneSlowly unravelsIn a ball of yarn
The devil collects itWith a grinOur love, our love,In a ball of yarn
He’ll never returns itHe’ll never returns it
When you come backWe’ll have to make new love.

Turns out that one of my favourite songs has a music video. Well, not actually. These are visuals [...]

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Rosemary, Heaven restores you in lifeYou’re coming with meThrough the aging, the fearing, the strife

This video always had a strange effect on me. And not only me, as I can see from Google. That puppet is pretty disturbing…
Interpol is: Paul Banks (lead vocals and guitar), Daniel Kessler (guitar and vocals), Carlos D. (bass) and [...]

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