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That`s all Folks!!!

Coke day is finally over. *put ganja joke here*
Il giorno della coca è finito. *battuta sulla ganja a piacere*

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Coke Zero: Rooftop

A man’s life as it should be!

It took a while to get this clip (the reason explained in the next paragraph) but finally it’s here. It reminds me of that time when, at the station, a friend of mine asked me to jump on the first train leaving.
The film Rooftop, created by the German directing [...]

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AKAMA – Rapt Soda

The rats, the rats in the walls.

Our Coke overdose continues with this short movie where a rat will disguise as a brinjal to enter the matrix fridge and steal some refreshing soda to quench his thirst.
The short has been realized at Akama Studio, that is Alexandre Ada and Cédric Jeanne. They’re also responsible for [...]

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Coke: Happiness Factory

We are the factory of happiness and joyWe make everything just everythingTo make you happy boy…

And here’s the 90 second spot that started it all, where you’ll learn how “many snowmen had to die in such a horrible way for the sake of refreshment”. (Quote by Jaxon)
The spot was (again) directed by Psyop’s Todd Mueller [...]

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Happiness Factory: The Movie

The Coke side of life.

Psyop further devevops the fantasy world created for the Happiness Factory spot (followed by the funny mockumentary) and shows us some more magic.
The movie was directed by Psyop’s Todd Mueller and Kylie Matulick, with the live action bits made by Andreas Hoffman at Seven Senses. The campaign was developed at W+K [...]

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Coke Zero: The Boob and the Gnome

Got soda?

Alexander Turvey reworks his visuals from the poignant music video for Lime Tree and directs this weird viral for Coke Zero where “an innocent Gnome is being seduced and lured towards Mount Zeros.”
Director of photography: Richard Johnson. Sound and music: Oliver Sutherland.
Alexander Turvey rielabora lo stile del suo intenso video per Lime Tree e [...]

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A Coke Overdose

Io la Coca Colame la porto a scuola…

In the last 24 hours I collected a lot of “red can soda” related videos, so I’m gonna post all of them in one day. Feel free to stick around even if you prefer Pepsi…
Nelle ultime 24 ore ho raccolto diversi video legati alla cola in lattina rossa, [...]

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