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The short film, starring Gry Bay, has been directed by Caroline Sascha and produced at Pasha Boom Parts.

Cinematographer: Magnus Nordenhof Jenck. Editor: Benjamin Binderup. Music and Sound Design: Mads Heldtberg.

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VELJKO POPOVIĆ – She Who Measures

Are we truly free? Are our desires truly our own or merely imposed products of the society we live in? The question this film is asking is this: are we slaves to the culture and society we were born in or is there a way to escape after all?

The film has been written and directed by Veljko Popović at Lemonade 3D. Produced at Kenges.

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Yalumba: Talk Eat Live Laugh


Surreal and futurist-ish characters enjoy some glass of wine in outer space. Nobody will hear them sing aloud drunk.
“Each characters brief cameo crosses into the next with playful uses of scale and perspective culminating in the characters joining together to deliver the key message.”
The spot has been directed by Grant Lovering and produced at Resin. [...]

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The Advertiser: Unforgettable

…that matters to us

DOWNLOAD (594×334): Scarica Unforgettable.[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 11 MB - Running Time: 30 sec.]
DOWNLOAD (ALT.): Scarica Unforgettable.[Format: Quicktime - Size: 11 MB - Running Time: 30 sec.]
WATCH: Guarda Unforgettable in finestra.
DOWNLOAD (ALT.): Scarica Unforgettable.[Format: Ogg Video - Size: 6 MB - Running Time: 30 sec.]
LINK: Visita Resin.
LINK: Visita KWP!
CODECS: Ogg – [...]

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RITXI OSTARIZ – Rtxcite at the Circus

Welcome to the circus. It’s been a long time, but finally you’re there. Because happiness is a cannonball woman.
Rtxcite at the Circus is a short movie by Ritxi Ostáriz. Music by Lars Pedersen AKA When.
Benvenuti al circo! È passato tanto tempo, ma finalmente ci siete. Perché la felicità è una donna cannone.
Rtxcite at the [...]

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Buenos Aires Independent Film Festival: Bon Jovis

If it’s not for youit’s not for you

Three sad clowns and a bozo enter a car…
This BAFICI trailer has been directed by Augusto Gimenez Zapiola and Rafael López Saubidet at Argentina Cine.
Director of photography: Javier Juliá. Editor: Javier Correa at Che Revolution Post. Music: Supercharango. Sound design: FX-Design.
Creative agency: La comunidad, Buenos Aires. Creative [...]

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Bravia Paint: Behind the Scenes

70000 litres of enviromentally friendly paint,622 bottle bombs, 330 m of steel pipe, 455 mortars,57 km of copper wire, 1700 detonators.Colour like no other.

Another blast from the past, the second Bravia commercial, actually not as succesful as the first one. But now that number three is coming (New York + claymation + bunnies = cooooool?) [...]

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Man of Action: The Terrible Cosmic Death

Will our heroes, Mr. President Dr. Steve Elvis America and Suki Kung Fu Gogo Morning Star Perfect Assassin, prevent the evil plan by their arch enemy The Tha Mad Misunderstood Professor Evil Maniac to have place and destroy America(?) with his Super Positronic Metaraygun… and eventually have sex together?

This short by MK12 was linked in the post about Icarus on tween, as an earlier example of narritive using motion graphics.

The style is quite different from the movie by Adam Swaab, sort of a kitsch spyxploitation movie, if something like this exist or ever existed… Yes, it does.

MK12 (Ben Radatz, Jed Carter, Tim Fisher, Matt Fritchman) is currently represented worldwide by The Ebeling Group.

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An old Supinfocom animated short, realized by Renaud Roullet, Laurent Makowski, Nicolas deConte and Jérôme Lesage.
It’s the story of a clown that falls in love with Lucie, the mysterious waitress of the pub where he use to spent most part of his time…
Well, looking at this remember that it dates back 1999. So, the models [...]

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